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St. Cloud Orthopedics specializes in complete musculoskeletal health care. The practice’s goal is to improve the quality, cost, and access of care for patients and their families. The physicians have provided nationally recognized orthopedic care to the Central Minnesota area for over 50 years.

  • Seamless go-live transition
  • Successful meaningful use attestation for all physicians
  • Website

Why SRS?

Achieving meaningful use: What does that mean? No one really understood it a couple of years ago. All we knew was that it was a lot of money for each physician if we were successful, and if not, there were possible fines. How were we going to do this? We are a private orthopedic practice with 19 physicians who don’t always like to change the flow of their practice.

So, in the summer of 2011, we started to look for a system that would be user friendly and easy, and would not require a lot of change for our physicians. Out of the 13 choices, SRS was in the top 3 that we set up for a site visit. After the visit, it moved to number #1.

The SRS staff was great! They answered all our questions and were always available to us when needed. They were fast to get back to us via phone or e-mail and were always organized. Training was easy. SRS had small videos that showed step by step how to enter information and how to use certain tabs, messaging, drop-down boxes, etc. You could watch the video any time and practice hands-on until you felt comfortable with it. This was very helpful before we went live.

Ease of Use, Ease of Training
Anticipating implementation, I needed to prepare my staff for meaningful use. I wanted them to be ready, so as soon as SRS was loaded onto our computers, I had them start using it and actually entering information on patients even though we were not live at that time. This was a huge success. When we went live 2 months later on July 17, 2012, the clinic staff had no questions, everything flowed great. They had the time to spend with our physicians to help them. From there we monitored the Quality Measures and the HIPAA trails. We identified who was struggling to achieve the goals. We spent extra time with these staff and physicians so they could see hands-on what they were doing wrong and how to fix it. I’ve never worked with a system that was so easy to use—and easy to train others to use.

Go-live —Then Meaningful Use a Few Months Later
We attested to meaningful use for the year end 2012, even though we had only been live a few months. All the doctors passed and qualified for the incentives that were available to them for meaningful use. SRS helped make this possible due to their user-friendly system, training, and very helpful staff—along with great staff from our orthopedic clinic.

Great Teamwork!

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