Princeton Orthopaedic Associates’ Search for a Better Outcome


Princeton Orthopaedic Associates (POA) has been committed to delivering outstanding patient care for more than 20 years. As healthcare has shifted to a value-based paradigm, POA saw the necessity of demonstrating superior outcomes. In addition, they recognized an opportunity to use outcomes technology to achieve their patient-care and practice-profitability goals while also preserving their leadership position in the industry.

However, there was one caveat—the solution could not disrupt clinic or practice operations.

After thoroughly vetting their options, they selected SRS Health’s outcomes solution, which is integrated with OBERD outcomes and delivers intelligence at the point of care.

Why Outcomes?

As the industry has shifted from volume- to value-based care, POA was committed to staying at the forefront of this trend. POA knew that the right outcomes solution would ensure that they could continue to meet their patients’ orthopaedic needs, attain their value-based care and compliance goals, and ensure smooth practice-wide operations and efficiencies. However, this commitment came with the imperative of not disrupting their physicians’ workflows or practice operations. After doing their research, it became clear that one outcomes solution stood out from all others.



  • Positioned POA as a leader at the forefront of the orthopaedic space
  • Prepared practice for new bundled payment models leading to increased financial success
  • Utilized patient satisfaction and outcomes intelligence at the point of care to improve scores, reputation, and referrals
  • Presented outcomes intelligence as part of physician’s normal workflow—no disruption to clinic or practice operations
  • Collaborative approach resulted in an extremely smooth non-disruptive implementation
  • Unique ability to customize and address diverse desired workflow needs
  • Ongoing expertise and support in meeting ever-changing business needs of a successful enterprise orthopaedic practice

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Why SRS and OBERD?

“Many factors went into choosing the integrated SRS/OBERD outcomes solution,” says POA’s Executive Director, Rob Simpson, “including our successful 10+ year partnership with SRS Health, OBERD’s outstanding reputation and benchmarking data, and their combined ability to deliver a simple straight-forward solution that would not require any changes or interruptions to workflow.

“In addition, auto-triggered patient-reported outcomes surveys (PROs) would ensure that every patient who should, would get a survey. This would help us achieve our compliance goals and reduce stress on the office staff.

“Right now we are using patient satisfaction scores. We usually review these reports with physicians once a month. As a result, these numbers become just as important as all of the other areas that we report on.

“The value of an integrated solution cannot be overstated. The single sign-on unified platform provides access to the clinical chart, satisfaction surveys, clinical outcomes results, and benchmarking. This allows physicians to utilize this intelligence as part of their natural workflow.

“Managing change is never easy, but this integration really helped make the transition smooth,” adds Simpson.

How Did SRS Outcomes Platform Affect the Practice?

“The implementation was extremely quick and painless. We’d heard stories about other outcomes solutions taking months, but OBERD’s integration within SRS streamlined the process, which was completed in one week—with no disruption to patient volume,” Simpson remarked.

“And, automatic enrollment in patient surveys is driving improved care, satisfaction, compliance, and referrals, which ultimately mean a better bottom line.”

Beyond Implementation – Commitment to Success

“We know that our best referrers are our clients, so we are using the intelligence they are providing to help us improve their experience,” says Simpson. “In fact, physicians are now preparing patients to expect surveys, and stressing the importance of their feedback. This improves response rates and our ability to provide optimal care. As we continue, we look forward to combining the power of patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes benchmarks to excel at value-based care.”

What Advice Would You Give to Those Considering the SRS/OBERD Outcomes Solution?

Simpson offers: “You can put your trust in SRS—they are as committed to their clients’ success as we are committed to our patients’ health. Their partnership with OBERD makes sense because they are the best of the best. And just as we are committed to staying at the front of our industry, so are they. I have every confidence that SRS and OBERD will keep us abreast of industry developments that will not only mitigate risk but help us excel at the art and business of medicine.”

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About Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., II was formed in March of 1992, the result of the merger of two successful orthopaedic practices in Princeton, New Jersey: Orthopaedic Associates of Princeton, P.A., founded in 1974; and Princeton Orthopaedic Group, founded in the mid-1960s. In 1987, we opened our state-of-the-art flagship office at 325 Princeton Avenue.

Since the opening of our 25,000-square-foot flagship office, we have added four more offices to serve Mercer County and outlying communities, including Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Our offices are fully equipped with digital x-ray, physical therapy (including aquatherapy), and MRI to fully diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders. We have implemented the most up-to-date electronic medical record system to further improve our ability to meet the needs of our patients. All of our offices are fully integrated, allowing us to share all digital imaging and electronic medical records.

We have 17 orthopaedic surgeons, who offer fellowship training in nearly all subspecialties of orthopaedics. We cover the Princeton Medical Center at Plainsboro Hospital and the hospitals of the Capital Health System.

In addition to our orthopaedists, we also have five physiatrists (physical medicine physicians) that provide additional musculoskeletal treatment options including, but not limited to, cervical and lumbar injections, trigger-point injections, acupuncture, and EMG/NCV (nerve conduction) testing. Three podiatrists also provide comprehensive foot and ankle care for our patients.

Our 25 physicians, along with our 14 physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioner, 18 physical and occupational therapists and 5 physical therapy assistants, make us one of the largest orthopaedic groups in the state.