Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies


Offering specialized orthopaedic care from head to toe, Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies has been serving the residents of northern Colorado and southern Wyoming and Utah since 1969. With 29 providers in three office locations, Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies (OCR) is the region’s premier independent provider of orthopaedic services and is dedicated to providing the highest quality care in an efficient and pleasant environment.

  • Previous system’s inefficiencies eliminated
  • Collaborative approach to implementation
  • Practice keeps best of existing workflows
  • Customized solution meets diverse needs
  • Website

Why SRS?

We knew we had to move to a more efficient system—we were struggling with multiple issues that slowed down our operational processes. We also had to adopt a system that would meet ICD-10 and future government requirements.

We were hesitant to switching our solution, fearing it would distract providers from their one-on-one interactions with the patients. Additionally, we didn’t want to risk disrupting or slowing down the workflow processes that did work.

SRS Health fit the bill on all counts. A key factor in our choice was their extensive experience with orthopaedic practices. Rather than provide generic workflows, they recommended orthopaedic best practices when implementing the solution. In addition, the government affairs team was extremely smart and presented great information and guidance.

Preserving the Best, Perfecting the Rest

It was vital for us to keep some of the same processes that worked for our organization. It was imperative that SRS took our workflow requirements and physician and team needs into consideration. They did a great job at this. They dedicated substantial time to familiarizing themselves with the practice—not just learning names, but really getting to know the office culture, and the practice’s personality and particularities.

The workflow analysis they did lasted several weeks. SRS allowed us to take a customized approach to our workflow design. However, SRS also helped us to streamline our workflow and identify where we were inefficient. Mapping and analyzing our workflow processes, in advance and with great detail, promoted a successful implementation and increased efficiencies.

The implementation team took our concerns seriously and did an excellent job of listening, for example: SRS built a new and custom function into the program that was a key component of our billing functions. They were extremely patient, and worked hard to meet all the demands thrown at them by various people and departments.

Communication Breakthrough

Communication was great. We held one to two-hour weekly meetings for a year or so prior to implementation with continued weekly meetings several months post go-live. The team leader used his implementation team very effectively, and remained the single go-to person for questions about everything, from billing and IT to clinical workflow and radiology interfacing. He seemed to have the answers for just about anything! We spent a great deal of time conducting calls in between the weekly meetings and hosted a few in-person site visits. Much of the communication had a collaborative aspect to it—there was truly a great big team effort going on between OCR and SRS. Several months post go-live, we continue to work with the team leader on transferring data to ensure we are ready for MIPS.

Collaboration Produces a Smooth Implementation

It may sound sort of clichéd, but SRS didn’t treat us like a just another client. There was a genuine family feel and their approach to implementation avoided disruption and allowed us to maintain our patient volume.

We were really impressed with how extremely patient the SRS Health team was with our practice. We never felt like we were merely customers—it felt more like a partnership.

Simply Stated

We are delighted that we did not experience any of the practice disruptions, decrease in patient volume, negative workflow adjustments, or cost overruns we had heard about from our peers.

Based on our first-hand experience we are confident that our partnership with SRS will help us successfully navigate the future. We have experienced that we can count on the SRS team to provide us with the guidance we need to improve operational efficiencies, identify and collect relevant data, expertly navigate regulatory requirements, and most importantly provide our patients with excellent care.


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