ORA Orthopedics Sees Instant Success with SRS’ Tasking Solution

The Challenge

As one of the largest and most comprehensive orthopedic practices in the Quad Cities, ORA needed a software solution that would allow them to efficiently monitor the progress of each patient—from initial diagnosis to post-op consultation—without slowing down the physicians or the staff, and they needed to incorporate it into their already busy workflow without missing a beat.

ORA had already been through the mill with medical software. Their first vendor sunset their EHR, forcing them to find another vendor, but that implementation went so badly that ORA halted the installation before the software even went live. After a thorough vetting process, ORA selected SRS as their HCIT partner based primarily on the company’s willingness to work closely with providers and staff to customize the EHR specifically to ORA’s workflow needs.

Next, ORA knew they needed a tasking solution that would replace the traditional paper and/or Post-It notes attached to each patient record, and eliminate the stacks of unprocessed charts that accumulated by the end of each day. They wanted a software that would digitally track and time-and-date-stamp all of the activities and tasks associated with patient care, as well as allowing physicians and staff to quickly sort their workload by priority, subject, and sender. And it had to enhance communications within the practice.

Popular Uses:

  • Verifying and signing documents or transcriptions
  • Routing patient questions and triage communications
  • Verifying results
  • Alerting staff of actions that need to be performed for patients
  • Notifying providers and billing personnel of charge-related issues
  • Peer-to-peer communication; direct access to all system users

The Solution

The SRS Tasking solution was the remedy. Part of the SRS EHR, Tasking is a software tool that distributes work items among the members of a medical practice.

Tasking eliminates the need to monitor or execute workflows via messages entered into the patient’s record by allowing multiple tasks to be tracked from start to finish for each patient; it adds a level of accountability and auditing that enables a practice to more efficiently manage its workflow.

Users easily prioritize tasks by dragging and dropping them into the desired order rather than labeling specific tasks as high priority. To minimize noise and clutter in the patient record, Tasking details do not appear within the SRS user chart interface. However, all tasks are bound to patients, encounters, and users in the database for auditing or reporting purposes.

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The Results

ORA has made great use of SRS Health’s Tasking application—they use it for almost everything. The primary benefit has been reducing verbal communication (and the chance of miscommunication) between the front desk and the imaging staff, as well as between providers and their staff. Additionally, ORA no longer uses a flag system. Instead, tasks are created by the providers or their associates in the examination room, either as a by-product of entering an order through CPOE, or by entering free-form tasks using favorites or free text.

As these tasks are entered, they appear automatically on the supporting staff’s Tasking dashboards. As soon as a provider exits the exam room, their staff immediately goes to work “starting” and “completing” the tasks with that patient—typically, moving the patient to an appropriate room; taking requested images; applying or removing casts, splints, or braces; prescribing medicines; and scheduling follow-up visits—all while the provider is already consulting with the next patient.

One of the reasons Tasking works so smoothly for ORA, according to Joe Holmbo – Director of Operations, is that “SRS worked closely with ORA to develop the Tasking module. My team sat with the SRS Product Managers and Developers in User Centered Design (UCD) sessions and reviewed prototypes to ensure the software was going to meet our needs.” No wonder, then, that the software fits ORA’s needs so well.

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About ORA Orthopedics

ORA Orthopedics is the largest and most comprehensive orthopedic provider in the Quad Cities—a region that encompasses Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa, and Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline, Illinois. Their 26 physicians and 17 physician assistants are subspecialty-trained in sports medicine, adult reconstruction, hand and upper extremity, trauma, spine, pediatrics, and pain management, and they serve as team physicians for a number of local sports teams and educational institutions. With both subspecialty clinics and Urgent OrthoCARE clinics for walk-in patients, ORA offers an integrated continuum of orthopedic care—full-service diagnostic imaging, bracing, physical therapy, outpatient surgery, and a pharmacy. In 2017, the practice saw 174,000 patients, performed 85,000 imaging procedures and conducted 10,500 surgeries.

About SRS Health

SRS Health, the industry’s first specialty-specific EHR to integrate PDMP checking within the prescribing workflow, creates a full range of frictionless technologies that advance healthcare by enhancing quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

The company’s flagship end-to-end healthcare IT ecosystem—EHR, PM and Revenue Cycle Management, Outcomes, Patient Portal, and Transcription—is unique in its ability to position high-performance orthopedists for success in a value-based-payment world. With 20 years of experience, unmatched implementation success, extensive industry and regulatory expertise, and top-rated US-based customer service and support, it is no wonder that SRS is the trusted partner of so many prominent orthopedic practices. To see how they can prepare you for the future, visit srs-health.com, read their blog at blog.srs-health.com, e-mail info@srs-health.com, or call 800.288.8369.