Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic


Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic is a 24-physician practice dedicated to the care and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, with 7 locations in central Florida.

  • Improved workflow among 7 practice locations
  • Increased patient volume by more than 5%
  • Decreased overtime by 65%
  • Added 2 additional physicians without increasing staff

Why SRS?

A Practice without Walls
Jewett Orthopaedic expertly reengineered and overhauled its practice operations to increase efficiency and raise the level of patient care. SRS played a key role in this transformation

SRS helped Jewett Orthopaedic create a practice without walls for their 7 office locations. Prior to SRS, the workflows in the numerous practice locations were independent and inefficient. With the successful implementation of the SRS EHR, the seven autonomous workflows were centralized to a significant extent. For example, there is now a more efficient and faster process for managing Workers’ Compensation paperwork and forms. Patients can drop off disability forms at any of Jewett’s 7 office locations and the paperwork is immediately imported into SRS and sent to a centralized “Workers’ Comp” messaging and tasking pool. Any staff member at any location can take ownership of the case—complete the form, receive the physician sign-off, and fax it right from SRS to the appropriate recipient(s). Within the same day, the patient’s paperwork is finalized. Anything that requires payer approval is indexed in SRS with the payer’s name so that when an employee is on the phone with a payer, he/she sorts all of the pooled messages by payer name and resolves multiple items for multiple patients in the single phone call with that payer—a highly effective and efficient process.

Previously, the average turnaround time for patient Workers’ Comp paperwork was 10 days. With the robust SRS workflow and message pooling engine, the same tasks are completed within 1 day with just a small fraction of the labor that was previously required. Patients are impressed that they receive their much-needed disability payments in a more timely fashion. Jewett’s patients have noticed the drastic improvement in the level of service, and the practice has converted complaints from frustrated patients into accolades, thereby improving Jewett employee morale.

Surgery Scheduling Made Simple
With SRS EHR, Jewett advanced in ways that weren’t possible in a paper-based office. Having established ubiquitous access to charts, Jewett consolidated their surgery-scheduling process, which now begins without having to wait for the chart. Surgeries are scheduled much faster by using the SRS messaging system and routing forms to order MRIs, CT scans, etc., without ever creating a paper document. Demographics are automatically merged onto the order form, resulting in a more complete form without the staff even having to check the practice-management system. A staff member completes the order form on the screen and messages it to the person who schedules the testing. Everything is documented and tracked in SRS.

Bottom Line Results
Prior to implementing SRS EHR, Jewett had 15 staff members in the medical records area—currently they are down 67% to 5 FTEs. Due to the surgical scheduling consolidation, the physician-to-scheduler ratio has improved from 2:1 to as low as 3:1. Patient volume has increased over 5% and overtime has decreased by 65%. Jewett recently added 2 physicians without any increase in staff, and within the next few months they will add another physician without increasing staff.

Physician’s Perspective
Adam Fenichel, M.D.
“There is definitely a strong and rapid ROI with SRS. There is no comparison to traditional EMRs, which are not ready for prime time and don’t allow you to increase your volume or to manage your current patient volume. With traditional EMRs you have two choices: hire additional high-level staff to deal with the burden of data entry, or accept decreased productivity. With SRS EHR, the only choices we had to make were how many new physicians to bring on board and how to maximize our staff productivity given the productivity benefits of SRS.”

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