Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, P.A.


Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, P.A., is a 9-surgeon practice serving eight locations in Maryland. For over 20 years, Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists has been providing care for problems of the upper extremity.

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Why SRS?

Reaping the Benefits
Since implementing the SRS Electronic Health Record (EHR) twenty-two months ago, our busy, 9-physician orthopaedic practice has experienced numerous productivity enhancements and tangible financial benefits.

Each of our physicians sees between 40 and 50 patients per day during office hours. Identifying a solution that would increase physician productivity was a necessity, and our needs were met with the SRS EHR. SRS successfully eliminated the bottleneck previously caused by the administrative functions, and in doing so allows our physicians to see their full caseloads in less time, improving their quality of life.

Staying on Top of Our Game
Prior to implementing SRS, we had a constant problem with misplaced and lost charts. Practice staff wasted valuable time searching for charts and locating pertinent information. Now, with SRS EHR, we have instant and simultaneous access to patient information and clinical data. Physicians move through patient encounters faster and more effectively, nurses respond to patient and referring physician calls much more quickly, and secretaries and our practice administrator manage their responsibilities with greater proficiency. Our physicians are more confident when they are on call because now they have access to full information about the patients, even if they have never seen them before.

Taking Care of the Bottom Line
Most EHR companies talk about ROI, but SRS really delivers it. In 2009 alone, we realized an estimated $88,000 in savings due to efficiencies driven by SRS. Over a five-year period, this translates to a cost reduction of almost $450,000—far exceeding our investment in our SRS EHR. Savings have been derived from the elimination of chart supplies and medical records staff. SRS enabled us to drastically reduce chart supply expenses to the tune of $18,000 our first year. As we continue to do away with paper charts, we expect further savings as expenses for paper and charting supplies (including labels, tabs, files, etc.) are completely eliminated. We have already reduced our medical records staff by 2 FTEs, representing an estimated cost reduction of $50,000 this year. Over and above these cost savings, we are projecting increased revenue with the conversion of space previously used for patient record storage to exam rooms.

Practicing Medicine Our Way
We are thrilled with the impact SRS has had on our bottom line, staff efficiency, and job satisfaction. The enhancements to patient care are equally impressive. SRS provides a solution that does not require our physicians to change the way they practice medicine. They are not tied to a computer during an exam, which allows them to focus their attention directly on the patient. Our physicians love the fact that they continue to dictate their notes instead of having to waste their valuable time point-and-clicking on a sterile template in an attempt to create a medical note.

Physician’s Perspective
SRS has just been great for us. With SRS I am able to see my patients and take care of them, and I didn’t have to change what I do in order to continue providing the care I wanted. Now I’m actually in better control with just about everybody I take care of.

As a surgeon, I’m out of the office about 40% of the time because I’m in the operating room. I’m very mobile now. I bring my tablet with me everywhere and sign into SRS. Whether I’m in our surgery center or at the hospital, I have full functionality. I can do all of my lab reports, and I can call patients at home. This mobility gets me out of the office earlier. SRS means that I now play golf when I’m done with surgery on Tuesdays.

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