Culicchia Neurological Clinic


Culicchia Neurological Clinic, founded in 1961, provides complete neuro care for the Gulf South™. The group’s 17 doctors specialize in neurology, neurosurgery, physical medicine, neuro-rehabilitation, neurotology, and interventional neuroradiology. Culicchia Neurological Clinic’s physicians are experienced in the treatment of a wide array of disorders affecting the nervous system and spine.

  • Maximized efficiency in every department
  • Eliminated issues caused by multiple locations
  • Improved patient satisfaction with a 1-chart system
  • Painless meaningful use attestation
  • Website
  • Physicians

Why SRS?

We are a large, multispecialty neurosurgical and neurological practice with 5 locations. We currently have 12 physicians, 1 PA, 2 NPs, 12 audiologists, and 40 employees. We also have an association with 2 physical therapists and an ultrasound company, in addition to being affiliated with the LSU Department of Neurosurgery in New Orleans. Our medical director, Dr. Frank Culicchia, is the chairman. In short, a lot of people in a lot of locations need access to patient records at all times.

Immediate Access and Maximized Efficiency
When we started our journey with SRS last year, we were in the process of opening an office an hour away from our main location. This created a distance problem for our billing and medical-record departments, but the SRS EHR eliminated all of the issues—everything is available to everyone, no matter where their desk is located, in real time. As an added bonus, efficiency has been maximized in every department. No faxing, no e-mailing, no drop-offs.

More Efficient Patient Care, Improved Patient Satisfaction
Patients also benefited with the creation of a 1-chart system available to all locations at the same time. No more 2-chart system, or charts being transferred between offices for visits with different specialties or for prescription refills. This means when patients ask a question, they can receive an answer from a neurologist at one location while seeing the physical therapist at another location the same day.

The practice is currently looking to expand even further without worrying about what the physical distance between offices will do to the quality of patient care.

Painless Meaningful Use
Finally, a nice surprise has been painlessly qualifying for meaningful use with the expert help of the SRS implementation team. We recouped some startup costs the first year and expect to do the same in the coming year.

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