Baldwin Bone & Joint, P.C.


Baldwin Bone & Joint is a 10 provider practice offering a wide range of multispecialty orthopaedic services in the Daphne, Alabama, area.

Dottie McClurg Administrator Daphne, AL

Why SRS?

Charts Have No Place to Hide
We used to find our paper charts in very unusual hiding places—not any more. Since implementing SRS in 2005, we have neither lost nor even had to wait for a single chart. We no longer employ any staff to manage charts. All of our employees focus on patient care and revenue-related activities.

Patients No Longer Wait
Patients appreciate that we can answer their questions when they call and they don’t have to wait for us to call back. This benefits our staff as well, since they are not constantly barraged with repeat calls from patients who have not had their calls returned as quickly as they expected.

Converted Chart Room
We were able to make great use of our former chart room. Once we got rid of the paper charts and the supplies that went with them, we moved the insurance processors from upstairs to the first floor. Now they can conveniently and quickly interact with patients before or after visits. Efficient billing is also facilitated by the access to chart information and to other staff members.

Physicians Love SRS
I’ve been a medical practice administrator since 1982, and have never implemented any product as easily as SRS.

It’s amazing how easy the software is to navigate. With an all-digital office, the stress level has decreased for the entire staff and our physicians love SRS.

Immediate access to information is the cornerstone of so many benefits, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what SRS offers. Transcriptions are routed immediately to the patient’s chart and patient inquires are instantly documented, and since SRS is a scalable solution, we have the freedom to grow into the system without incurring the cost of features that we don’t need or are not yet ready for.

I know if I were to go back to paper, I would not have any staff left!

Physician’s Perspective
SRS is revolutionary. It eliminates the feelings of despondency, helplessness, and paralysis that managing overwhelming amounts of paper creates. I compare SRS to having a cell phone—all of a sudden you have convenience that enables you to do your work so much more efficiently and effectively.

SRS dramatically enhances quality of care and patient flow in a number of ways. Having immediate access to charts and all relevant documents allows me to answer patients’ calls in real time. Without SRS, my medical assistant had to write me a note and I had to have someone find me the chart before I felt comfortable calling my patient back. Now I just pull up the chart on the computer and I am up to speed.

The same is true of my ability to respond to physician calls. With SRS, I “remember” the patient and my recommendations instantly, and can talk with the referring physician on the spot. The benefit for me is that I no longer have a pile of notes and messages to handle at the end of the day and I can go home earlier. Also, as soon as a report or test result has been received, I know that it will be in the patient’s chart. I have the confidence that my charts are always complete.

There is no comparison with the paper world, and I cannot imagine practicing medicine without a fully digital office.

~Paul Canale, M.D.