Professional Services Group

Professional Services Group

The SRS Professional Services Group of experienced IT EHR consultants positions our clients to optimize their use of the SRS EHR so they can maximize the return on their software investment.

The role of these EHR consultants and workflow engineers begins before the purchase decision is made and continues through implementation and beyond. Our EHR consultants help to unleash the potential of the SRS EHR to transform practice performance.

  • PSG provides an initial EHR consultation to determine the total cost of ownership and to find ways to save money for clients. This review includes identifying hardware requirements, assessing current network capabilities, identifying specifications, and providing a turnkey solution. Because of the purchasing power of SRS, PSG procures necessary hardware for clients at competitive prices, saving money and ensuring adequate functionality.
  • PSG continues to assist practices by automating deployment of the software via Group Policy and Batch Scripts. The EHR consultants offer best practices on disaster recovery and they assist with installations and configurations of Windows Server and Microsoft’s SQL Server.
  • On-site assessments by EHR consultants are available after installation. This in-depth technical and workflow review offers practical strategies to fine-tune the practice’s use of SRS. Based on best practices learned from extensive experience with a diverse group of long-term SRS users, our EHR consulting recommendations help to streamline workflow, integrate third-party software, and leverage other technologies and potential EHR enhancements.
  • PSG EHR consulting remains available and involved, ready to offer clients ongoing technical guidance at any point as their practices grow and evolve.

The PSG technical consulting service for the SRS suite of products ensures the implementation of an upgraded network that is fast, reliable, and secure. Between the initial consultation, the on-site assessment, and the ongoing availability of our PSG consultants, more and more SRS clients are taking advantage of our EHR consulting services to help their practices unleash their full potentials so that they can continue to grow and develop.

To learn more about our Professional Services Group, contact SRS today.