Is your IT worry-free?

Netgain is the industry standard for secure and scalable IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) for healthcare organizations. At Netgain, we believe there is a “better way” to deliver healthcare IT, closely partnering with healthcare practices to help navigate the industry’s complex technology challenges and increasing regulations. From hosting SRS, to managing existing infrastructure to migrating and managing a complete cloud-based environment, we’re always there to keep your IT secure, available and performant. Finally, you can worry less about your IT and get back to focusing on other strategic growth areas of the business.

Netgain is SRS’s core hosting partner, delivering dedicated, ultra-secure and highly performant cloud environments that are powered by Azure, Microsoft’s enterprise-grade hyperscale cloud. This powerful combination provides SRS users with a lightning-quick SRS environment that communicates efficiently with other applications to improve the overall user experience across the organization. To learn more about why Netgain is SRS’ preferred hosting partner, visit