SRS and Medstrat—two leaders in orthopaedics—have joined forces to deliver to physicians a world-class integrated PACS system focused on quality of care and efficient business operations. SRS Integrated PACS—offered via a plug-in implemented and supported by SRS—will provide seamless access to PACS.

Medstrat has been the recognized leader in orthopaedic PACS system installations, stemming from its origins in 1996 as the provider of the first PACS system designed specifically for the unique needs of orthopaedic surgeons. The system uses today’s most advanced technology to create what customer experience has proven to be a robust, innovative, and intuitive product.

SRS Integrated PACS is easily deployed via the SRS Unified Desktop™, which affords physicians access to the PACS directly from within the SRS EHR. Among the benefits are:

  • Significant cost savings from the elimination of film and related supplies,
  • Increased provider efficiency, and
  • Access to images from anywhere, anytime from within the SRS EHR