Large Practice Solutions

Orthopaedic EHR - iPad

Healthcare IT solutions impact your bottom line, patient satisfaction, growth prospects, reputation, and much more. Your EHR and other HCIT solutions have a profound effect on the success of your business. As such, it is essential to select a solutions partner that understands your needs through direct experience with practices just like yours.

SRS Health has a long history of partnering with enterprise practices in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, dermatology, and multi-specialty, working hand-in-hand to ensure that our solutions provide flexibility, reduce costs, and work the way that you want them to work in order to achieve your patient and practice goals.

“There is definitely a strong and rapid ROI with SRS. There is no comparison to traditional EMRs, which are not ready for prime time and don’t allow you to increase your volume or to manage your current patient volume. With traditional EMRs you have two choices: hire additional high-level staff to deal with the burden of data entry, or accept decreased productivity. With SRS EHR, the only choices we had to make were how many new physicians to bring on board and how to maximize our staff productivity given the productivity benefits of SRS.”

– Adam Fenichel, M.D., Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic PA

Large Practice Benefits



Proven Large Practice Expertise

SRS has a national network of happy users in large practices. We understand the unique challenges associated with high-volume offices, and we have deep experience in creating solutions that address their needs, then implementing and supporting them. With SRS, you can feel confident that the adoption and use of your EHR will be a success. Learn more.




Productivity-Enhancing Solutions

SRS’ solutions are productivity-focused and efficient requiring fewer clicks and no templated notes. The SRS EHR is easy to use at the point of care and can be tailored to each individual’s preferences, satisfying every physician in your practice. In addition, our Smart Workflows® and Flexible Data Platform allow you to set up role-based data capture, and customized data selection so that you only collect the data that is relevant to you. These discrete data fields can be updated as and when needed, effectively future-proofing your data capture needs. Learn more.




Outstanding Implementation Experience

With SRS you are assured go-live success and an EHR and complementary solutions that will keep up with the demands of your busy office. We support your entire business model to ensure continued success and longevity with the unique ability to meet the needs of large, high-volume practices with no loss of patient volume from day one.





SRS is committed to keeping up with the ever-changing government requirements for healthcare providers. Our in-house experts are dedicated to understanding the requirements, interpreting them for you, and providing proactive guidance throughout the MACRA/MIPS process so you can satisfy the requirements while remaining productive and focused on your practice. Learn more.




Expert Industry Leadership

Our team of experts is here to help your team of experts continue to be leaders in healthcare. With EHRA and HIMSS leadership team members, and in-house government liaisons, SRS is well equipped to handle the present and future challenges in healthcare information technology. Learn more.