SRS Unified Desktop™

SRS Unified Desktop: SRS EHR, Practice Management, PACS, Patient Portal, and TranscriptionSRS Unified Desktop™

Integration is one of the most talked about requirements in today’s healthcare industry. And SRS is already there!

Unique in the industry, SRS delivers all clinical and business applications through a single seamless user interface—the Unified Desktop™. With one-click access to all information, physicians have one place to go for everything they need to care for their patients and manage their practices.

SRS offers a fully integrated system with distinct advantages. Using the integrated SRS solution provides direct access to all elements of the patient’s chart, eliminates time-consuming toggling back and forth between applications, and significantly increases physician productivity and efficiency.

Individual physicians—even within the same practice—can customize their own system by integrating additional applications to create a solution that works best for their needs.

Already have a practice management system or a PACS? No problem. You have the option of integrating your current systems into the SRS desktop giving you the same ease of access.