SRS FlexNote

SRS FlexNote

SRS FlexNote is a robust and flexible exam note solution, allowing physicians to document patient encounters easily, confidently, and in a way that feels natural.

SRS FlexNote provides a rich and unique narrative that is simple to understand—a stark contrast to point-and-click templates that create lengthy and robotic notes that are devoid of individual patient nuances. The SRS FlexNote approach to documentation results in easy-to-reference notes and improved communication with other practices.

SRS FlexNote is compatible with a variety of dictation solutions, including SRS Transcription and Dragon. With SRS FlexNote and SRS Transcription (Tx), exam notes can be uniquely customized by physicians, with any combination of the list below. This flexibility provides the best of both worlds—templating where it makes sense and dictating for added nuance and detail.

  • Drop-downs
  • Radio buttons
  • Macros
  • Auto-merging of clinical and demographic data
  • SRS Tx app for iPad, iPhone, and Android—for added dictation convenience
  • SRS Snippets™—for added automation, saved time, and reduced costs

The SRS FlexNote environment allows providers to build templates that reflect the actual activities that take place during their visit and echo them in a quality narrative of the provider’s own words. Unlike robotic MEDCIN-based templates, the ability to create templated notes in the SRS FlexNote environment—leveraging the power of Microsoft Word and Excel—allows for much more freedom in design, and an appealing, professional, and more accurate description of the encounter.

SRS’ award-winning implementation team will advise you on the best way to create your customized notes, whether you choose to leverage existing examples or create your own. Whatever the final design, SRS’ approach to exam documentation will provide the greatest protection from audits by accurately documenting the health of the patient and the care delivered.

So what does this mean for physicians?

  • Personalized exam note design for each physician in your practice
  • Automated exam note creation
  • Quality exam documentation with less effort
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Improved communication with other practices
  • Increased physician productivity
  • Greater time and money savings
  • Decreased audit risk