Smart Workflows®

Work smarter, not harder!

SRS has built technologies—including Smart Workflows and Flexible Data Platform—that deliver a clinical experience and level of care that was not possible before.



Finally, Work Flows!

Smart Workflows empower your practice to work the way you actually want to work, enabling rather than interfering with patient care—you can break down your clinical workflow into its component tasks, and then assign those tasks throughout your organization in whatever way makes the most sense. Guided workflows streamline data collection, increasing productivity while ensuring that you are compliant.

Fewer Clicks

Smart Workflows’ Protocols substantially reduce repetitive data capture – physicians can create customized order sets to turn many clicks into a few. Fewer clicks means less time spent on data capture and more time focused on patient care.

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Relevant Data

At SRS we understand that all data is not created equal – only relevant data proves the value of your services and ensures better outcomes for you and your patients. Time is no longer wasted filtering out unnecessary information, as Smart Workflows enable you to capture relevant discrete data while allowing your staff to focus on tasks without having work processes – or their screens – cluttered by information that is not relevant.

Flexible Data Platform

Collecting discrete data is achieved by using our Flexible Data Platform to create customized data points. The platform empowers practices by providing the tools to customize and manage data, and design workflows that are most efficient to your practice. Most importantly, it provides a clear path to better decision making and improved outcomes.

Smart Data Capture

Through innovations in interoperability we facilitate better outcomes via:

  • Unlimited self-defined, relevant and codified data points via our Flexible Data Platform
  • Customized workflows that provide natural data capture at the point of care
  • Less time—if any—completing notes post-encounter

Smart Data Sharing

Improved data capture and interoperability help you share data to improve performance

  • Real-time seamless data exchange
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Protocols that provide standardized care quickly and efficiently
  • Standardized care that facilitates increased quality outcomes

Optimal Outcomes

The ability to capture all relevant data leads to better outcomes for everyone. The relevant data allows you to analyze which treatment plans have the best quality outcomes, standardize those plans throughout your practice, and ultimately improve patient care and practice profitability.

Forward Thinking

In a constantly changing industry, mitigating risk is more important than ever. Outcomes will be the driving-force, which makes it critical to have the right tools to capture the right data, by the right person, at the right time.

Smart Workflows’ unique Flexible Data Platform does that. It empowers you to determine which data fields you need in order to address current data requirements, while providing assurance that you will be able to collect the relevant data you need tomorrow.

Planned enhancements to the system will enable it to “learn” from your previous actions, creating workflows that are responsive to your behavior and resulting in better outcomes with even greater efficiency.


Learn more about the evolution and future of data capture and how it will enable you to be more efficient and productive, and help return your focus to patient care.


Setup Is a Cinch


Smart Workflows is designed to simplify providers’ work lives – it uses familiar screens and actions you already know, so setting it up and using it is quick, intuitive, and easy.


By organizing all your tasks and workflows onto one easy-to-follow screen, SRS Smart Workflows ensures that all necessary data points are captured during the patient encounter. This overview empowers you to create an efficient environment that contributes toward the goal of successfully meeting MACRA/MIPS and other government programs.



In a SMART nutshell


• Collect more data without being slowed down
• Unravel the complexities of regulatory compliance
• Demonstrate the value of your services through analytics and outcomes

Smart Workflows + Flexible Data Platform =

Relevant Data for Optimal Outcomes

Smart Workflows is a trademark of SRSsoft, LLC.