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Is your Electronic Health Records Software holding your high-volume practice back from peak productivity? “Big box” solutions deprive specialists of the data power that best-of-breed solutions can bring to their workflows. The SRS total-practice EHR system was custom designed with and for specialists – to efficiently demonstrate patient outcomes and generate more revenue as quality-based metrics continue to drive reimbursement in the industry.

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Specialized Benefits

The right EHR adapts to your practice, not the other way around. That flexibility frees you to pursue your specialty practice goals – such as seeing more patients, improving outcomes, or more efficiently capturing reimbursements. By capturing data while accommodating your existing workflow, our EHR reduces redundancies and automates processes to improve operational efficiency. A national network of thousands of renowned specialty groups already trust their practice to the SRS EHR solution – here are a few reasons why:

  • SRS EHR is the best-of-breed solution for high-performance, high-volume specialists, achieving the Black Book Ranking of #1 rating in Ophthalmology and #2 rating in Orthopaedics in 2016.
  • Data flexibility features allow SRS EHR to optimize discrete data collection without disrupting clinical workflows.
  • SRS is a top performer for Meaningful Use attestation – and we are prepared for the coming changes in MIPS, the program’s next incarnation.
  • Our patent-pending Smart Workflows® and Flexible Data Platform offer a revolutionary step forward in data capture and management for specialists.
  • SRS EHR has been developed in part via input from actual users, a client advisory board of high-performance practices, and participants in our annual Hackathon and User Summit.

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Features & Tools:

Integrated PDMP Checking

SRS has integrated PDMP checks into the EHR to simplify your workflow and help you provide better care while meeting state regulations. Read more

Medication Management

An intuitive, unified, medication management application that streamlines clinic workflow and meets regulatory requirements while improving patient satisfaction. Read more

Unified Desktop™

With one-click access to all information, physicians have one place to go for everything they need to care for their patients and manage their practices. Read more

Data Interoperability

An open, efficient, productivity-enhancing data exchange platform is essential to the growth and sustainability of medical practices. Read more

SRS FlexNote

Robust and flexible exam note solution, allowing specialists to document patient encounters easily, confidently, and in a way that feels natural. Read more

Clinician-Friendly Code Search

Powerful IMO technology delivers clinician-friendly search functionality without the use of complex templates and excessive clicks. Read more

Lab Management

Automate the test ordering process, track test results and patient compliance, and visually compare and analyze lab results over a period of time. Read more

Smart Workflows® & Flexible Data Platform

Revolutionary, patent-pending Smart Workflows allows you to create role-based workflows and protocols that improve efficiency, simplify data capture, and facilitate regulatory compliance. Read more

Specialized Capabilities

These core SRS EHR capabilities allow specialists to maximize their time while collecting the data needed for practice growth, efficiency, and government compliance.

Meaningful Use
Interoperability Dashboard
Electronic Prescribing

Order and Lab Management
Direct Messaging
Patient Engagement
Outcome Reporting
Patient Tracking

Messaging and Tasking
ImageMD™ (Digital Charts)
Intake Manager
Immunization Management

The EHR for Specialists


If your goals are the same as the thousands of specialists we serve:



Then the SRS EHR will lay the foundation for your success. When combined with our integrated ecosystem of specialized solutions, or the solutions of your choice, your ability to leverage data is amplified, and your success is assured.



We invite you to see how our EHR can benefit your practice.


EHR for

SRS has a deep understanding of the unique, complex workflow in orthopaedics.


EHR for

SRS recognizes the value of productivity and speed in ophthalmology. There are no rigid templates.


EHR for

The SRS EHR makes ICD-10 easy for dermatologists, with an intuitive solutionno bloated templates.


EHR for

SRS has a deep understanding of pediatric workflow, and we understand the value of productivity and functionality in your practice.



SRS has a long history of partnering with high-volume ENT practices to ensure workflow efficiencies, flexible discrete data capture and reporting, and customized clinical and ancillary workflows.


EHR for
Large Practices

SRS sets itself apart from other vendors with a unique ability to meet the needs of large, high-volume practices.

SRS Cloud™

SRS Cloud™ offers a full-featured EHR solution without the cost of on-site hardware and IT support.


EHR Replacement

SRS guides you clearly through four steps in evaluating the EHR requirements for your particular bloated templates.