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Healthcare IT decisions have a profound effect on the success of your practice. The EHR and other HCIT solutions you select impact both clinical outcomes and patient-reported outcomes, practice reputation, bottom line and growth prospects, and much more. That’s why you need a specialty-specific EHR from a solutions partner that understands your needs, based on direct and extensive experience with practices just like yours.

SRS Health has a long history of partnering with high-volume pediatric practices. We work hand-in-hand with providers to ensure that our HCIT solutions provide:

workflow efficiencies throughout the patient encounter,
flexible, discrete data capture and reporting, and
customized, efficient, and fail-proof clinical and ancillary workflows.

SRS Health helps you reduce costs, improve outcomes, and achieve your patient and practice goals.

“Excellent EHR which has allowed me to continue practice with what patient centered medical care really means.”

– Steven Kubicki, MD, Capitol Pediatrics and Adolescent Center

Pediatric Practice Benefits


Proven Expertise

Proven Specialty-Specific EHR Expertise

Years of working closely with our national network of pediatricians have given SRS Health a deep understanding of the unique demands of the specialist’s workflow, along with an appreciation of the value of speed so that you can spend more time with the patient. We integrate the clinical and business applications you need into one seamless user interface—at your desktop, tablet, or smart device—because we believe healthcare information technology should enhance specialized patient care, not impede it. With SRS, you can feel confident that the adoption and use of your EHR will be a success. Learn more.



Productivity-Enhancing Solutions

Productivity-Enhancing Solutions

SRS’ EHR and other HCIT solutions are focused on efficiency, with fewer clicks and no templated notes. The SRS Unified Desktop™ (SRS EHR, PM, and integrated PACS) is easy to use at the point of care and can be tailored to each physician in your practice. Our vitals application allows you to customize your configuration settings to show growth percentiles, while our Growth Chart PowerTab displays data points and percentiles in clean, organized graphs. In addition, our Smart Workflows® and Flexible Data Platform allow you to set up role-based data capture and customized data selection so that you can collect the data you need—and only the data you need. What’s more, these discrete data fields can be easily updated as needed, effectively future-proofing your data-capture needs. Learn more.



Outstanding Implementation Experience

Outstanding Implementation Experience

Our implementation specialists are unrivaled when it comes to healthcare business intelligence, and we offer support for every aspect of your business model—with a unique ability to meet the needs of busy pediatric practices. With SRS you are assured go-live success with a specialty-specific EHR and complementary solutions that will keep up with the demands of your office, ensuring continued, long-term success with no loss of patient volume from day one.





SRS is committed to keeping up with the ever-changing government requirements for healthcare providers. Our in-house experts are dedicated to understanding the requirements, interpreting them for you, and providing proactive guidance throughout the MACRA/MIPS process so you can satisfy the requirements while remaining productive and focused on your practice. We offer an enhanced Immunizations Module for meaningful use Stage 2 tracking. We also prepare you for participation in current and future initiatives like accountable care organizations (ACOs), subsequent stages of meaningful use, and quality reporting for PQRS and other government programs. Learn more.



Expert Industry Leadership

Expert Industry Leadership

Our experts are here to help your experts. With EHRA and HIMSS leadership team members, and in-house government liaisons, SRS is well equipped to handle the present and future challenges in healthcare information technology, and to help you continue to be a healthcare leader. Learn more.

SRS is the definitive leader in specialty-specific EHR and healthcare technologies and services that enhance productivity, operational efficiencies, and outcomes. It’s the right choice for you and your practice, now and in the future. Pediatric specialists deserve The Specialist’s EHR™.


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