At SRS, everything we do is focused on improving your HCIT experience and your ability to meet both current
and future industry challenges. As a busy, high-volume specialist, the ease of use, flexibility, speed, and
efficiency of your technology directly affects patient care—and your ability to meet your personal and practice goals.

Support / Implementation Testimonials

Joe Holmbo

ORA Orthopedics

Moline, IL

"After reviewing our implementation process and the first two weeks of go live, I must say how impressed I have been with our SRS Implementation Specialist and the SRS organization. Their dedication and attention to detail was superior. Our implementation specialist was a true partner during this transition and remains a valuable part of the team for us. It is not often that the first week of go live ends with a hug of the implementation team, but it did in our case. Kudos to the entire SRS team that assisted with our implementation."

Sarina Siljander

East Lansing Orthopedic Association

Lansing, MI

“My staff and I completed the SRS Meaningful Use Stage 2 Admin Training. The training webinar content was very easy to follow and it is evident that the SRS support staff is well-prepared for Meaningful Use Stage 2. We can’t thank SRS enough for the great information and for delivering it in a clear, concise manner.”

Penny Forbes

Sierra Regional Spine Institute

Reno, NV

"SRS is an easy-to-learn and –use EHR with excellent support, both technical and compliance-related."

Christi Steele

Tennessee Urology Associates

Knoxville, TN

"We recently had a private practice of 5 urologists merge with our corporation. This practice had always used paper charts, and the doctors started using SRS August 15th. By August 23rd, I already had one physician “in the green” for meaningful use. The staff had to not only switch from paper to EHR, but take on meaningful use as well, and they are handling it beautifully. The system made my life much simpler, as I just taught one doctor and he then taught the rest. I’ve been in the background to answer questions and troubleshoot for the staff. I thought I’d be spending a month with the new group, and I spent maybe a total of a week and a half with them. Now, I just drop by. It’s great!"

Donna W. Klutts

West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic

Jackson, TN

"SRS proved not all EHRs are the same; not all EHR implementations have to be a costly challenge. The implementation team provided us with a smooth, well-prepared timeline, and we did not decrease our patient volume. Since go-live, SRS has increased our clinical efficiency and has made our practice more productive."

Janis Vincent

Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center

Greenville, NC

"It is the afternoon of our third day of no paper medical charts in our practice; I would consider our "Go Live" successful. It is an accomplishment, from my personal perspective, that was set in motion some 7-8 years ago when I began watching the development of the EHR products and vendors. Our SRS Implementation Specialist has done a great job with our implementation and her on-site presence for the past couple days was well received, appreciated, and productive."

Chip Bankston

Baton Rouge Orthopaedic Clinic

Baton Rouge, LA

"Thanks for a great piece of software and superb support!"

Mark Skains

Waco Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic

Waco, TX

"The SRS training on Dragon quickly got us up to speed. One of our physicians has virtually eliminated all transcription costs. We have recouped our investment in Dragon in only four months. Our newest physician just began using Dragon and has eagerly embraced its benefits without experiencing any issues. He is looking forward to enhanced training from SRS to further maximize the benefits. We’re very excited to expand the use of Dragon to the other physicians and eliminate transcription costs throughout the practice."

Corinne Stipek

Eye Specialists of Chicago

Chicago, IL

"We went ‘live’ with SRS on August 13, 2013. We had heard horror stories of other practices going live with EHRs and how chaotic it was, how they had to cut down on the number of patient appointments, and how it took several months for them to become comfortable with an EHR system. None of that happened for our office. We trained prior to going live and have never decreased our patient loads. The SRS trainers and support team have answered our questions and responded to us promptly. They have taken our forms and incorporated them into the EHR system, making it easy for us to use the same forms that we have been using for many years. Patients are quite impressed when they see their names, information, and clinical tests on the monitors."

Jill Lent

Orthopaedic Associates of Meadville

Meadville, PA

"One of our employees was working with a new radiology procedure we had created in the Order Management module. However, when the employee ordered this procedure, the Generic Referral Form loaded rather than the desired Radiology Referral Form. I submitted a support ticket to SRS, which was responded to very quickly. Once the SRS Support Team member was connected to our practice, he found that our radiology procedure lacked configuration for referral-form mapping. The issue was promptly resolved and I was trained on how to do the mapping on my own for future reference. SRS Support helped me work through our issue easily and was a pleasure to work with."

Kristie L. Martinez

Illionois Bone and Joint Institue

Gurnee, IL

"The SRS implementation team is exceptional! They know their product well and because they understand practice operations, they’ve designed it for efficiency."

Susan Haseltine

Northern California Medical Associates (NCMA)

Santa Rosa, CA

"We sincerely appreciate the personal care that the entire staff at SRS continually provides us. Northern California Medical Associates (NCMA) has an ever growing and complex IT network and the support team at SRS always responds quickly and is fully committed to helping us when we have an issue—it’s wonderful. Plus, we truly enjoy working with everyone on the SRS staff. We wish all of the vendors that we work with would provide us with the same quality of service as we receive from SRS."

Leigh Ann Browning

West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic

Jackson, TN

“We have been with SRS for 2 years now. I will honestly say we were terrified of doing away with paper charts. However, the transition to EHR was not as painful as we thought and our SRS implementation manager was great. SRS is very user friendly for staff and providers and easy to navigate.”

Judy Nelson

Orthopedic Institute

Sioux Falls, SD

“We had our go-live with SRS this week, and things could not have gone better. The doctors are pleased; they are already taking their iPads to the operating room so they can access patient records. They are 100% thrilled with how "orthopedist" friendly the EHR is. We did not decrease physician clinic schedules, and we successfully saw all patients within the usual timeframe. We have taken a phased approach, and the staff is enthusiastically moving ahead of us, trying to use every feature they can find The implementation specialist assigned to us has done an outstanding job—staff members were very comfortable asking him questions. He was very available and calm and even modified a specific approach per my request. When he was here for training, he was working nearly 12 hours a day in order to accommodate our training schedule. He is an outstanding representative for SRS and demonstrates your commitment to excellence on all levels. I believe that contributing to the success of our first week was the following: a great product, a great implementation leader, the availability of SRS staff when needed, our careful planning with attention to every process flow and our mapping out the changes for the staff prior to the actual SRS use training, the well-thought-out hardware, and the great support of all of SRS. My compliments to you and your staff and a huge thank you for a job well done."

Nick Demetralis

Technology MD

Glenview, IL

"The SRS Support staff went entirely above and beyond this weekend assisting me with an upgrade; one staff member in particular was especially helpful. Friday night I sent a text around 7PM EST asking for help if he was available and he jumped to it. He called me back within 15 minutes and worked with me until at least 3AM EST so that the clinic would be ready for patients Saturday morning. He then continued to support me and actively troubleshoot on Saturday until 3PM EST when EVERYTHING was completed and working properly.I really can’t express enough how great it is working with the SRS Support Team. It is honestly one of the better parts of my job."

Kristine Papa

Premier Bone & Joint Centers

Laramie, WY

“We went live with SRS EHR in August of 2012. The SRS training staff was excellent, well prepared, very knowledgeable about our specialty specific workflow, and the implementation was smooth. Fast forwarding to today, we continue to receive the same high-level support and customer service that we experienced during our implantation. Working with SRS continues to be a great experience!”

L. David Johnson, M.D.

West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic

Jackson, TN

"SRS is easy-to-use and easy-to-implement. I was fully live with SRS after a very brief training and I’m much more efficient due to the organized way that SRS presents clinical information."

Eric Lichtenstein, M.D.

Pediatric Eye MD

Fresh Meadows, NY

"I am delighted with the quality of technical support—the response time and attention to detail are excellent, only reaffirming my belief that SRS is an excellent value. I recommend SRS to anyone interested in modernizing their medical record system."

Mark Brown, M.D.

Vision Partners

Mobile, AL

"The SRS Support Team went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue with the SRS Briefcase function on my laptop, which I use to view patient records and as an additional backup for patient data. My laptop was experiencing a hardware issue, which the SRS Support Team member promptly identified as hard disk failure. After submitting a ticket to the SRS Support Desk, I was quickly contacted. The technician reconfigured the Briefcase function in no time and made sure I had access to my patient data. I truly appreciate their timeliness, attention to detail, and partnership."

Barbara Sack

Midwest Orthopaedics

Shawnee Mission, KS

“The success or failure of any EHR is often tied directly to the quality and speed of service and support. No company comes close to SRS in these categories. Productivity and efficiency come only from an effective implementation and high quality support.”