At SRS, everything we do is focused on improving your HCIT experience and your ability to meet both current
and future industry challenges. As a busy, high-volume specialist, the ease of use, flexibility, speed, and
efficiency of your technology directly affects patient care—and your ability to meet your personal and practice goals.

SRS Transcription Testimonials

Dale A. Moilanen

Advanced Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery

Marquette, Michigan

"Our goal when we first started with SRS Tx was a process of reducing the time from dictation to coding of 10 days to within 3 days. Astonishingly, we have now cut that time to less than a day and our transcription administrator (20 years on the job!) has never seen so many zero error files...A big "THANKS" to your crew!!!"

Velvet Yusko

Danbury Orthopaedic Associates

Danbury, CT

“With SRS Tx, our physicians have the ability to dictate on their phones or an iPod/iPad, and when a dictation is needed immediately, instead of shuffling through and listening to ALL the dictations, we can point and click on the name and have it typed immediately! The SRS Tx app is very easy to use and the upload is immediate. Our providers and staff are definitely pleased with this change, and it has caused fewer headaches over dictations. Another benefit of using the mobile app is that all dictations are “traceable”. All dictations can be tracked to see if they truly were dictated and uploaded, or accidently overlooked. We never have “lost” dictations anymore!”

Jennifer Kuruc

The Philadelphia Hand Center

Philadelphia, PA

“Our physicians have resisted change to their dictation equipment and methods for years. However, the SRS Tx app demo alone sold my docs. They love the convenience, the technology, and that they can see their last note right on their device without having to log in anywhere. In fact, they use their app to look up patient clinical histories when they are on call. In addition to the doctors’ positive experiences with SRS Tx, we have found SRS Tx to produce savings in staff time and real dollars. We have eliminated several tasks from our admin staff’s daily routines and decreased our hardware and software expenses. Our transcription turnaround time is better than ever and our referral sources have taken note and appreciate the rapid feedback, which is imperative in Orthopedics. ”

Veronica Diaz, M.D.

Jupiter Hand to Shoulder

Jupiter, FL

“SRS Tx permits me to dictate in front of the patient for transparency and immediate recall, once I see the last patient at 5 PM, I am out the door. I love the accessibility of the notes on my iPhone if I get a call from a patient. This means I usually don't have to logon to pull up their chart. The quality of transcriptions is excellent for how fast I talk, and I love that it is template based. ”

Sean Ging

Inova Health Care Services

Falls Church, VA

“SRS Tx enables physicians to efficiently stay on top of increasingly complex workflows with increasing documentation requirements. SRS Tx has taken our practice from having physicians with several hundred outstanding dictations to the same physicians routinely having tens. The revenue cycle has lost 1+ days on the front end and dictation staff labor has reduced significantly. A terrible 14 step electronic signature process was replaced with a two-step batch sign. The leadership and staff at SRS Tx are truly second to none. They are congenial, helpful, and fast, which is difficult to achieve. The entire start up process was easy and transparent, the application easy to use and integration with SRS was tight. I would fully recommend the product to any SRS practice.”

Shannon Page

New England Dermatology & Laser Center

Springfield, MA

“SRS Tx has become a valuable tool in our office. The staff and management make every effort to address any concerns immediately after becoming aware of them. The turnaround time has been nothing short of amazing! SRS Tx has proven to be a true asset to our company!”

Linda Knowles

Congress Medical Associates

Arcadia, CA

“As with everything new, there is a learning curve, but this was soon forgotten when the work process was shortened to one day- exam-dictation- review- sign off - faxing - chart! Happy staff!!!!”