At SRS, everything we do is focused on improving your HCIT experience and your ability to meet both current
and future industry challenges. As a busy, high-volume specialist, the ease of use, flexibility, speed, and
efficiency of your technology directly affects patient care—and your ability to meet your personal and practice goals.

Ophthalmology Testimonials

Randy C. Shepard

Eye Health Services

Weymouth, MA

"SRS’ history of working with large, high-volume ophthalmology groups has given the company a keen understanding of the way our specialty practices medicine, and it is clearly evident in their EHR. Our experience has made us savvy buyers, and we can clearly see the value that SRS delivers to ophthalmologists."

Teri Woodworth

Peninsula Eye Physicians

San Mateo, CA

"SRS has revolutionized what we do. We are a huge proponent of SRS and would not trade it for anything."

Pam Benjamin

Barri Eye Care

Groton, CT

"After dealing with support from our PM system for the past 20 years - let me just tell you SRS is heads above the rest. Not only do they help you they actually go out of their way to see if there is anything else they can do. This approach should be a standard for all support systems but unfortunately that is not how it is. The plus side for you is that what make us thankful for the decision that we chose SRS to begin with."

Rhodora Silang

Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants

New York, NY

“We have been successfully using the SRS EHR for 12 years and it’s impressive to see how much SRS has evolved. It remains the 'go-to' product for serving our needs as a modern medical practice. Even with the advanced functionality inherent in the product, SRS is still an easily customizable EHR that is quick and simple to learn. I have extensive experience training people on this system and it rarely takes more than half a day to learn the basics of SRS, and by the next day, the ins and outs of the software are mastered and easily put to use. The Interoperability Dashboard is uniquely customizable by each physician. Since our physicians are surgical specialists, both past surgeries and prescriptions are displayed on the Clinical Summary as soon as the patient is selected. The physicians save time by not having to rifle through the entire chart to get a complete picture of the patient’s history. Successfully ePrescribing with the SRS EHR has been a significant factor in eliminating workflow inefficiencies associated with prescription ordering and refills. Patients call our practice for refills and, with only the click of a button, the eRx is sent and a record is created within the SRS EHR. The need for further phone calls is eliminated and the entire process of ordering a refill is completed before hanging up from the phone call with the patient. Our busy New York City patients appreciate having to stop by the pharmacy only once on their way home and their complete prescription is ready, waiting for them to pick up.”

Marc Safran, M.D.

Clay Eye Center

Liverpool, NY

"All told, the SRS EHR system has been easy to understand and use, both from my and my employees' perspective. We have never had any major technical difficulties and I feel that our backup system is now superior to those of traditional paper charting."

J. Mark Engel, M.D.

University Children's Eye Center

East Brunswick, NJ

"The accolades we received from high-profile SRS users nationwide were very influential in our decision to implement SRS EHR. I was extremely impressed with the flexibility and usability of the SRS solution—in today's market, an intuitive, user-friendly solution is not easy to come by."

Mark Brown, M.D.

Vision Partners

Mobile, AL

"When I walk into an exam room I feel confident that I have all of the patient's data available to me at the push of a button. I vividly remember the days when we had paper charts, and charts and/or notes were missing—and how embarrassing it was NOT to have a complete patient history/chart—especially when the treatment plan was missing. It’s a significant part of a patient's first impression. Having a complete chart when needed often adds to the confidence-factor a patient feels under my care."

Jeffrey Edelstein, M.D.

Jeffrey Paul Edelstein

Chandler, AZ

"Since I switched to SRS, I have been thrilled with the ease of finding information quickly and being able to document recurring items immediately through custom templates. SRS has helped storing and retrieving patient pre- and post-op photos in a BIG way!"

Eric Lichtenstein, M.D.

Pediatric Eye MD

Fresh Meadows, NY

"I am an avid fan of SRS and am happy to be cited as a reference. Before starting my practice, I researched various digital records software packages and found nothing that compared favorably to SRS. The ease of customization and integration with Microsoft Word has allowed me to develop and refine my own chart notes and forms; my SRS EHR is truly my own personal version."

Steven K. Mishkin, M.D.

Millennium Eye Care

Freehold, NJ

"Our ambulatory surgery center can retrieve chart notes directly from the computer without the need for the physical chart. This has streamlined the process of surgery scheduling, eliminating delays and loss of information. Searching for lost charts is a thing of the past, with the recent visits’ notes easily retrievable from the computer.The staff is very happy with SRS EHR. It is very user friendly. I feel sorry for the medical practices that aren't using SRS."

B. David Gorman, M.D.

Fifth Avenue Eye Care

New York, NY

“SRS is worth its weight in gold…with no paper charts to move, we relocated our office with only a few hours of practice interruption…and converted former chart room to an optical…I never feel out of touch, even when I’m out of the country…when I’m finished seeing patients, my day ends—I don’t have to return to my desk to piles of paperwork…remote chart access saves me after-hours trips to my office or the emergency room…patients have increased confidence coming to a technologically up-to-date office...it was the easiest implementation of all of our technology."

Louis Furlan, M.D.

Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants

New York, NY

"SRS has given me a true sense of control in my pediatric ophthalmology practice. I have all the information I need about any of my patients instantly."

Mark A. Steele, M.D.

Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants

New York, NY

"In addition to the cost savings, fast access to charts from the office or home has enabled us to provide top notch, immediate service to patients and referring physicians. With the SRS EHR, we are able to provide assistance without having to put patients and referring physicians on hold while the chart is retrieved."