At SRS, everything we do is focused on improving your HCIT experience and your ability to meet both current
and future industry challenges. As a busy, high-volume specialist, the ease of use, flexibility, speed, and
efficiency of your technology directly affects patient care—and your ability to meet your personal and practice goals.

Meaningful Use Testimonials

Michael DeChello

The Orthopaedic Group


"SRS was very helpful and provided excellent support to implement meaningful use Stage 1. We look forward to stage 2 going just as easy. We have received our payment for Stage 1."

Renee Coleman

The Orthopaedic Group


"The meaningful use support from SRS was unbelievable."

Wendie Hames

The Orthopaedic Group


"SRS has helped us to achieve our meaningful use goals for our first year (Stage 1) 90-day reporting period. We are in year two and 10 months into our reporting period. We are 'in the green' at all levels thanks to SRS!"

Chad Ghorley

Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center


"SRS took out all of the fear of meeting meaningful use. After going through the process you could tell they had the physician in mind! Reporting made it easy to see if we were meeting the criteria. It gave comfort that meaningful use 2 should go good as well!"

Andrea DiGiulio

Skincare Physician

Chestnut Hill

"SRS helped us incorporate meaningful use into our busy practice with no disruption of patient or physician workflow. It was amazingly simple!"

Tiffany Hernandez



"SRS EHR makes meaningful use information simple to obtain from patients and easy to maintain in our office."

Terri Meyer

South Coast Retina

Long Beach

"Everyone was such a great help last year with meaningful use Stage 1. We successfully attested and will again for meaningful use Stage 2 this year. SRS is always very helpful in all departments."

Regina Nagel

Brielle Orthopedics


"SRS made meaningful use extremely easy and the process was genius. So grateful to be able to check reports daily to stay on top of the process. Entering information was quick and manageable! Thank you for making our practice make/receive easy money!"

Robyn Lerz

Waterbury Orthopaedic Associates


"My practice has been using SRS for one year and it has been a very positive experience. SRS has allowed my practice to streamline work flow, minimize the use of paper and effectively benefit from meaningful use incentive."

Shelley Gerads

St. Cloud Orthopedics


"It's hard to pick one experience to write about. We have many positives! From SRS' meaningful use expertise to the CEO's availability to listen to our concerns. We have very positive experiences."

Sarina Siljander

East Lansing Orthopedic Association


"Transitioning between one EHR to another in the middle of a full year reporting period for meaningful use was a challenge but SRS was with us all the way. We are on target to meet meaningful use again this year. Many thanks to SRS for helping us get there!"

Tennille McGaw

Family Eye Care of the Carolinas


"Meaningful use Stage 1 has gone seamlessly in our practice all because of SRS. The meaningful use apps are very user-friendly and really made something so complicated easily accessible by all staff and easy to comply with."

Alicia Valentin

Eye Faculty Practice- NYEE

New York

"I thought that meaningful use was going to be very challenging to my staff. SRS made it very smooth for us and we made it happen successfully--with your help of course. Thank you!"

Michael Boone

Eye Surgical & Medical Associates


"SRS' solution to meeting meaningful use requirements is analogous to a GPS navigation system. Great 'roadmap' to successful attestation. Thanks!"

Linda Downey


Orhtopaedics & Spine Specialists

"After much trepidation and anxiety after deciding to do meaningful use (and my physicians deciding to wait until end of year), all my fears were eased by SRS' team. Their meaningful use webinars were informative and when I emailed or called with questions, they always answered in timely and friendly fashion. I successfully attested for all the doctors in the practice."

Debbie Darby

Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge

"As has always been the case, SRS is outstanding in its technical support and product functionality. Because of SRS, all of our physicians earned Meaningful Use bonuses for the first part of Stage I. The simplicity of the EHR and the fact that it was the complete opposite of labor intensive was incredible. I cannot thank the SRS staff enough for the help they offered through that process."

Steven K. Mishkin

Millennium Eye Care


"There is no doubt in my mind that SRS was the ideal choice for achieving Meaningful Use. There was very little disruption to our patient flow. The incentive payment more than covered the cost of installation."

Maureen C. Posch

Millennium Eye Care


"I want to take this opportunity to advise you of the incredible support that I have received from the SRS Government Affairs department as we have been pursuing completion of our Meaningful Use attestation. The staff has been an incredible help to me in every aspect of the attestation process—their knowledge base and patience has provided me with a much better understanding of this very important project. SRS has made this process very easy for me and you are fortunate to have such a strong and knowledgeable staff."

Jason McCormick

Campbell Clinic


"Meaningful Use was a concern for Campbell Clinic in 2012. SRS gave us the ability to tailor the product to our providers’ current practices and only add in the necessities. We were able to attest for 35 physicians 95 days after upgrading to the Version 8 product."

Bill Worzala

St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates


"We successfully attested for meaningful use with the SRS EHR. Because the SRS EHR was implemented so seamlessly and successfully practice-wide, we were able to begin our reporting period just 2 weeks after we went live. That says a lot about SRS as an EHR and as a company. The support they provided was tremendous, and pivotal to our success during this process. It was a true team effort! Thank you SRS for all of your help!" Read in AAOS Now how St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates achieved meaningful use with SRS.

Gene Oakes

The Orthopedic Specialty Clinic


"On December 19, 2012, we finished our fifth (and final) attestation for meaningful use. The process was so smooth. SRS has been awesome in the process, and therefore we were well-prepared."

Heather Duhr

West Michigan Orthopaedics

Grand Rapids

“SRS has allowed our physicians to achieve MU without impeding our ability to do what we do best—take care of patients. Our transition from a paper to electronic chart has been quiet, seamless and rewarding.”

Daniel Dale

Wisconsin Oculoplastics


"The SRS EHR does everything I want it to do for my ophthalmology practice. Most recently, I was happy to find that SRS made earning the meaningful use incentives stress-free and relatively easy. The SRS support and Government Affairs departments made a complex government program understandable, and the SRS EHR itself made meeting all the requirements simple and non-disruptive to our workflow."

Theodore Curtis

Curtis Eye Pediatric Ophthalmology


"SRS made participation in the otherwise frustrating government EHR incentive program much smoother and less time-consuming. With the SRS EHR, I was able to successfully capture required clinical data, produce reports to monitor my ongoing progress, and attest for the meaningful use incentives after my 90-day reporting period—without impacting patient care or being slowed down. The SRS staff played a major role in my success, too. Everyone I spoke to helped walk me through the complexities of the EHR incentive program. Between the informative documents I was given and the knowledgeable customer service & support staff, meeting the government data requirements was much easier than expected with SRS."

Neil Pennington

Little Rock Eye Clinic

Little Rock

"SRS removed all doubt about the ability of our physicians to successfully report and attest for the Meaningful Use EHR incentives. The SRS Implementation, Support, and Government Affairs staffs are all incredibly knowledgeable and they guided us through the measures from the perspective of ophthalmology. All of our physicians and staff were completely prepared for our 90-day reporting period, and as a result, all 9 physicians attested successfully. One of benefits we saw with the SRS EHR was that there was no negative impact on our practice-wide productivity while we gathered the data required by the government. The SRS EHR's focus on productivity resonates through their approach to meaningful use."

Sally Ledet

Culicchia Neurological Clinic


"SRS has taken what seemed like an unobtainable, impassable goal and not only put it within our reach, but also made it understandable to the common man."

Cindy Arango

Sunnycoast Dermatology

Vero Beach

"The Government Affairs department really makes meaningful use understandable. MU is very complicated but SRS simplifies it all for us. I would recommend SRS to anyone afraid or confused about meaningful use."

Mindy Gleimer

Mollick Professional Center


"We were up against a tight deadline to implement, but we really wanted to take advantage of the meaningful use incentives. SRS was there every step of the way, from their development of a unique data-capturing platform to any reporting or attestation questions we had. Their knowledge and commitment to understanding the government’s data requirements far exceeded our expectations. The SRS EHR made it easier for our specialists to meet the government's meaningful use objectives without impacting our practice workflow and productivity."

Sherry Plumridge

Clay Eye Center


"Our office has been using SRS EHR since 2000. We have been very happy with the product as well as the level of support we receive. We are currently in the process of attesting for meaningful use. This daunting task has been made easier and less stressful because of the expert guidance given to us by all the SRS support staff."

Sally Finkel

Park Medical Associates


"SRS has transformed our practice. In 5 and a half years, we have scanned and shredded 41,000 paper charts, creating room for a doctor's office, 2 exam rooms, a front desk work station, and a mail/recycling area. We are on the verge of attesting for MU thanks to a strong support team and top management who are involved in the minutia of the software. We are an SRS success story!"

Kim Bartels

Orthopedic Institute

Sioux Falls

"SRS' support with MU has been outstanding. We have participated in many of the conference calls and the information has been outstanding. I also want to say thank you to SRS’ Government Affairs department for all the time and energy with our questions that were/are specific to our practice. The experience has been wonderful. Thank you SRS!"

Christina Wagner

Connecticut Gastroenterology

New Haven

"My practice has been on SRS EHR for 9 years. It is very easy to use and user friendly! Our providers love it! The meaningful use module is a no brainer and the SRS staff has been there for us every step of the way. We are getting ready to attest for our first MD! SRS support staff is very helpful! They always go above and beyond to ensure they assist you with any questions or issues you have! They stand by their "ETP” (eager to please) motto!"

Janis Vincent

Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center


"When meaningful use was introduced several years ago, my practice was still using paper charts. I was totally overwhelmed by the task ahead of me: purchase decision, SRS, implementation, etc... SRS took over from there and amazingly, step by step, suggested workflow improvements, offered lots of training sessions, and we are on our way to attestation. My thanks to SRS."

Christi Steele

Tennessee Urology Associates PLLC


"Very user friendly and customizable—makes a lot of sense to the physicians. ePrescribing has been a big help with its ease of functionality and of course the CPOE requirement for meaningful use. MU has been easier than anticipated for my staff and doctors, largely due to the ease of use of the system. Also, I appreciate the easy access I have had to the support and MU experts when I had a question… and I have had many."

Tarah Allen

The Orthopaedic Group


"Our practice completed attestation on Friday, October 5, 2012. A month ahead of our goal date! We would not have been able to achieve this goal without SRS. Thank you!"

Carol Carey

Commonwealth Orthopaedics


"The SRS team was a real partner to us when navigating the MU "maze." We called on their experts several times for clarification and additional details. SRS gave us the confidence that we could do what it takes to achieve MU success."

Kelsey Moody

The Orthopaedic Group of Mobile


“It is a hard balance to meet regulatory requirements and maintain workflow efficiency. The SRS platform has the capability to achieve CMS regulations (MU & PQRS) with the proper leadership and education, all while maintaining an efficient, productive office workflow.”

Maraline Milow

Michigan Eye Institute


"We simply cannot say enough about SRS and the meaningful use functionality of the SRS EHR. The Support and Government Affairs departments provided our practice with everything we needed during our reporting period and attestation process. Capturing the necessary data and keeping tabs on the progress of our providers’ reports was easier than expected. Incorporating meaningful use into our physicians’ workflows with SRS didn’t hinder our productivity, slow our patient flow, or negatively impact the high level of care we offer our patients. In a nutshell, SRS made the complex EHR Incentive Program a success for our high-volume specialty group."

Laura Smith

Granite Orthopaedics


"SRS kept our practice focused as we prepared to attest for meaningful use. They developed a list of Medicare-required items and helped us understand the data needed—and that which was not needed—for attestation. The SRS staff hosted webinars tailored to the individual, allowing for accurate data capture. Additionally, we stayed on top of our progress with SRS’ on-demand reporting, which provided color-coded metrics and total number and percentage thresholds. When our physicians attested, we were confident our data was up-to-date and correct."

Shelley Gerads

St. Cloud Orthopedics


“I would be lost without the SRS Government Affairs team. They have a wealth of knowledge, and we would not have made it through the MU process without them.”

Barbara Sack

Midwest Orthopaedics


"SRS was extremely supportive of our practice when we decided to collect the necessary data for the EHR incentives. Their Government Affairs department and support teams went above and beyond, providing us with assistance, educational webinars and demonstrations, and any other support we needed to overcome the hurdles of meeting the meaningful use requirements. With the SRS EHR’s productivity-focused approach to meaningful use, we maintained our physicians’ efficiency, and our patient interactions were not affected—we continued to deliver high-quality care while reaping the benefits of the EHR incentive program." - See more at: http://srs-health.com/meaningful-use-testimonials#sthash.kbflm78E.dpuf Read in Becker’s Orthopedic and Spine Review how Midwest Orthopaedics achieved meaningful use with SRS.

Sandra Stork

Illinois Bone & Joint


"The support that we have received for our meaningful use implementation has been outstanding. The training videos, classes, and access to staff will assure that we will be able to successfully attest for all of our physicians. SRS has taken a very complex task and simplified it for all of us."

Maureen M.R. Cook

Commonwealth Orthopaedics


"We have successfully attested for all 35 of our physicians. Dreams really do come true! Many thanks to SRS for making this .

Peter Kim

Campbell Clinic


"Our upgrade to SRS v8 went off without a hitch. The support team was very professional, as usual. SRS’ training webinars were very helpful for our staff, as well. The integration team worked with us on any issues that surfaced, including meaningful use hurdles. Without any negative impact on physician productivity, 35 of our physicians have successfully attested to meaningful use and the remaining 5 will be attesting in November. This success was a true team effort between Campbell Clinic and SRS."

Dale A. Moilanen

Advanced Center for Orthopedics


"SRS made attaining meaningful use as easy as possible, and all 8 of our physicians have received their incentive payments. Our EHR is so intuitive that we were able to begin our 90-day reporting period immediately upon upgrading to the certified version. Initially, our physicians and staff felt overwhelmed by the meaningful use requirements, but with guidance from SRS, we were able to incorporate the necessary steps into our normal practice workflow. What we found particularly valuable is the beautiful reporting capability that is built into SRS—it enabled us to monitor each physician’s performance on each measure throughout the reporting period and ensured our total success."