At SRS, everything we do is focused on improving your HCIT experience and your ability to meet both current
and future industry challenges. As a busy, high-volume specialist, the ease of use, flexibility, speed, and
efficiency of your technology directly affects patient care—and your ability to meet your personal and practice goals.

EHR Replacement Testimonials

Lisa McHam

Eye Health Services


"Our previous EHR was too cumbersome, and made it very difficult for our ophthalmologists to productively document patient exams—the number of clicks and the time required grew more and more frustrating with each patient encounter. We could not practice like that, so our physicians simply stopped using it. SRS is an EHR that we can actually use throughout our high-volume practice—its design provides our physicians with flexibility that mimics our individual styles of practicing medicine."

John Mandeville

Eye Health Services


"We purchased an EHR and subsequently considered ourselves well-positioned to secure the $44,000 EHR incentives available to physicians under the Economic Stimulus legislation. However, before we even installed the EHR, we regretted our decision—we realized that our physicians wouldn’t be able to use the EHR and that we would not earn the potential incentives."

Michael Kleinpeter

Optim Healthcare


"We purchased an EHR and subsequently considered ourselves well-positioned to secure the $44,000 EHR incentives available to physicians under the Economic Stimulus legislation. However, before we even installed the EHR, we regretted our decision—we realized that our physicians wouldn’t be able to use the EHR and that we would not earn the potential incentives."

Chris Nicholson

Optim Healthcare


“The EHR we had purchased would have placed overwhelming demands on our physicians and would have resulted in a significant loss of productivity, even if we had overcome the initial implementation hurdles. The SRS EHR was easily adopted by all of our providers because it accommodates each of our individual practice styles, and it confidently delivered workflow and patient-care advantages that far surpassed whatever we might have received from the government.”

Dana C. Robertson

San Diego Orthopaedic Associates

San Diego

"SRS already has a remarkably easy-to-use ICD-10 solution in place, whereas our prior EHR was not going to be ICD-10 compliant. After querying many of my peers and colleagues, I found that SRS is the one system that received 100% positive feedback on all fronts—and this was not from just one or two administrators, but rather from many. I was truly impressed with how easily a system like SRS integrates into our orthopaedic practice. I am a firm believer that adopting what is tried and true saves a lot of chaos and aggravation—and clearly SRS has proven that it works."

Sherri Battles

Southern Oregon Orthopedics


"Our previous EHR was not meeting our transcription needs, and we could see from the outset that it would not work in meeting meaningful use requirements. SRS support has been excellent from day 1—any questions we had were addressed immediately, and we have been exceedingly confident in the technology and the company. It’s quite obvious how SRS earned its impressive reputation for customer service and support, and why SRS is the EHR industry-leader in orthopaedics."

Tiffani Mauro

Orthopaedic Specialists of North County

San Diego

“SRS offers an incredibly intuitive and efficient ICD-10 solution that our physicians and clinical staff were so relieved to see. Of all the EHR systems we looked at during our research-and-replace process, SRS was the only one that gave us the confidence to tackle the current and upcoming changes in the healthcare landscape. SRS will be a valuable, long-term partner for OSNC.”

Neville Alleyne

Orthopaedic Specialists of North County

San Diego

“There are so many new benefits and efficiencies that the SRS EHR provides our physicians that cannot be delivered by a document management system—data-sharing capabilities, seamless integration with our other technologies like our PACS, and helping us exceed the standard of excellence in patient care. Our physicians felt that it was time to move forward with a more advanced technology like the SRS EHR.”

Theodore A. Boehm

Oklahoma Sports and Orthopedics Institute


“We were looking for an EHR that would have a positive impact on our physicians, was user friendly, and would not interfere with physician/patient interaction—avoiding inefficient documentation and data collection were major factors, too. After speaking with and visiting SRS clients, it was clear that the SRS EHR would meet our physicians’ productivity needs and position our practice for continued growth into the future.”

Marlene Bergmar

Retina Consultants of Orange County


“After trying another EHR for 5 days, which can only be described as Hell, we checked out SRS and became Believers! Our transition to SRS has been positive, uplifting, and easy for all employees—even those who are less tech savvy. Our implementation manager was wonderful and really helped even our skeptical doctors feel comfortable.”

Matthew Reckmeyer

Lincoln Orthopaedic Center


“While our practice was on the cutting edge through the implementation of an EHR over seven years ago, we recognized that our previous product was not keeping up with our needs. We were impressed at how the specialty-focused SRS EHR was tailored to meet the needs and workflow requirements of an active orthopaedic office. This is one of the reasons we selected SRS and eagerly put it to the test.”

George G. Robinson


Kansas City

"Our practice chose the SRS EHR because what we had was just a document-management system. Not only is the SRS EHR government-certified—which allows us to earn the EHR incentives—but the SRS approach to meaningful use greatly distinguishes the technology from that of other EHR vendors. SRS has designed a comprehensive data-capture and interoperability platform that is clearly mindful of the workflow and productivity demands of orthopaedists."

Sarah Burger

Western Kentucky Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Associates

Bowling Green

"The flexibility that the SRS EHR offers made it a great fit for our practice—unlike the point-and-click EHR system that we’re abandoning. From the overall functionality of the SRS EHR to the timely responsiveness of the SRS staff, we are already seeing the benefits of this new business partnership. We have no doubt that SRS is the right EHR for our physicians."

Christopher Patton

Western Kentucky Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Associates

Bowling Green

"We are de-installing our current EHR and practice management system due to our frustration with the products and the lack of customer service provided by the vendor. We are investing our future in SRS. The size and prominence of the SRS client network proves that SRS is the premier orthopaedic EHR software in the industry. Between this and industry-leading KLAS scores for customer service, it is evident SRS will enhance our workflow and practice environment."

Stephen Cope

The Orthopaedic Group


“A few years ago we implemented an orthopaedic-specific EHR. We had been promised that the point-and-click technology would enhance our efficiency, but it had the exact opposite effect on our physicians. We needed a better, more usable solution for our providers, and the SRS EHR proved to be the ideal long-term EHR technology for our team. The focus on physician productivity that clearly underlies its design made it far superior to what we were replacing in terms of overall efficiency—and it offered us the best opportunity to meet the EHR incentive requirements without sacrificing that efficiency.”

James Sutherland

Orthopaedic Associates of Wausau


“We implemented two different EHR systems prior to SRS—both with unsuccessful results. We chose the SRS EHR because we believed that with SRS, our physicians would meet the meaningful use requirements in a manner that was consistent with the way we deliver patient care—and we did.”

Ruth Skidmore

Northern California Medical Associates Inc.


"After inheriting two point-and-click EHRs, we realized that they would be too time-consuming and cumbersome for our diverse multi-specialty practice," says Ruth Skidmore, CEO of NCMA. "The SRS pilot program gave us the confidence that the SRS EHR would be embraced throughout our enterprise. The positive feedback from our physicians about SRS has been incredible.”"

Rebecca Hockaday

Athens Orthopedic Clinic


"We had been successfully using SRS in our orthopaedic practice for 3 years, when a few of our physicians asked to try a traditional point-and-click EMR. To assist us, SRS developed and implemented all the necessary interfaces between the two systems, but after only a few short weeks with the traditional EMR, those physicians decided that they didn’t want to spend their time doing the onerous data entry it required, and they stopped using it. Our investment in the new EMR was lost, including expenditures for countless hours of required customization to meet various technology requirements, which would otherwise have been unnecessary. By contrast, the SRS EHR brought immediate efficiencies to both our clinical and office workflows and increased productivity throughout our entire practice. SRS has also enhanced its product to the point where considering a traditional EMR is pretty much a thing of the past. With SRS, we have added 6 new physicians and 6 PAs while decreasing support staff levels, we’ve eliminated numerous overtime hours and expanded the services our practice provides to include MRI; physical, occupational, and aquatic therapy; a state-of-the-art surgery center, occupational health division, and an urgent care center. The decision to de-install the traditional EMR was one of the best operational decisions we’ve made, as the EMR was a true burden on our practice, staff, and patients. With SRS, we have improved our workflow and now accommodate more patients without having to trouble them with the problems associated with a traditional EMR workflow."

Bhavesh Patel

Interventional Spine & Sports Medicine


“Prior to implementing SRS, we were unsuccessfully using another vendor’s EHR and PM solution. The billing component was unreliable and there were constant connectivity issues. The system would go down for hours, causing major problems since we were seeing 35 patients per day. The e-Prescribing module was also weak; it took up to 4 clicks to send a prescription and oftentimes, it would store the wrong pharmacy information. With SRS, we have strong products to rely on, like the ePrescribing module. It’s just 2 clicks and you’re off! This is a godsend. We are able to save a lot of time and spend more of it with patients.”

Craig M. Walker

Cardiovascular Institute of the South


"After suffering through three failed attempts to implement traditional EHRs…we were thrilled to find a solution that was fully embraced throughout our entire enterprise. SRS clearly understands our complex clinical workflows, and their robust EHR easily conformed to the diverse requirements of each of our providers. We could not have found a better partner."

Yaser A. Metwally

Southern Oregon Orthopedics


"Our original EHR was not flexible enough to meet our productivity needs—with tedious drop-downs it was not user friendly. We de-installed our EHR and replaced it with SRS because the SRS EHR offered our physicians a productivity- and specialty-focused path to data management, meaningful use, and the delivery of high-quality patient care, while supporting—and enhancing—our fast-paced workflow."

Darin Bowers

Piedmont Eye Center


"SRS enables us to maintain our productivity and provide the best care possible without negatively impacting our patient interactions. With SRS, our physicians are not tied down to a point-and-click EHR system, and we do not have to decrease our patient schedules as required with other systems."