At SRS, everything we do is focused on improving your HCIT experience and your ability to meet both current
and future industry challenges. As a busy, high-volume specialist, the ease of use, flexibility, speed, and
efficiency of your technology directly affects patient care—and your ability to meet your personal and practice goals.

Administrator Testimonials

Cecilia Willoughby

Tri Rivers Surgical Associates


"We will soon mark our 1-year anniversary using SRS, which now includes order management, transcription, and multiple internally built forms for timesaving at check-in, documentation availability, and better patient care. We now look forward to fine-tuning our processes overall for each of our locations, further customizing for our individual providers’ dictation and documentation needs, and utilizing the additional add-on tools available from SRS."

Corinne Stipek

Eye Specialists of Chicago


"We went ‘live’ with SRS on August 13, 2013. We had heard horror stories of other practices going live with EHRs and how chaotic it was, how they had to cut down on the number of patient appointments, and how it took several months for them to become comfortable with an EHR system. None of that happened for our office. We trained prior to going live and have never decreased our patient loads. The SRS trainers and support team have answered our questions and responded to us promptly. They have taken our forms and incorporated them into the EHR system, making it easy for us to use the same forms that we have been using for many years. Patients are quite impressed when they see their names, information, and clinical tests on the monitors."

Amy Novak

The Hand & Upper Extremity Center of Georgia


"I became more productive and efficient with SRS PM by learning the system inside and out. By really paying attention during our training calls, and hands-on training, I learned how to problem-solve most issues that arise throughout the day. I have noticed that our claims are getting paid / processed at a much faster rate. Once our team gets used to the changes, I don’t doubt that the revenue will reflect those changes."

Erin Fisher

Shelby Dermatology


"There is a lot going on in our practice on a day-to-day basis. The prospect of changing from our old PM system to the SRS PM raised some questions, but with help from the SRS PM team, all of our questions were quickly answered. Everyone on the SRS team has been helpful from the start. We really appreciate their doing this and working with our staff. We are very happy with our new SRS PM system, and our physician has even mentioned that the new system allows our practice to do so much more than before—he is pleased that we made the switch. Thanks again for everyone’s hard work in making the switch to the SRS PM a success!"

Carolyn Howell


Nose & Throat Associates of SECT

“We have been using SRS in our offices since 2005. This is the only EHR that enables my physicians to maintain their level of productivity. Every year SRS has come up with new features that make their product easier to use and make my physician extenders and clerical staff more effective and efficient.”

Karen Glavin

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"We're providing enhanced quality of care at Jewett. SRS provides better organization of the patients' information, test results, and progress notes. There is an enhanced level of communication between departments and between 'teams' within our practice, such as P.T., O.T., MRI department, etc. This applies to both ordering tests and receiving test results."

Leigh Ann Browning

West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic


“We have been with SRS for 2 years now. I will honestly say we were terrified of doing away with paper charts. However, the transition to EHR was not as painful as we thought and our SRS implementation manager was great. SRS is very user friendly for staff and providers and easy to navigate.”

Jessica Crane

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"It is much easier now to reach other employees regarding patient messages, requests, etc., and easier to prioritize and organize tasks. Instead of writing a note and hoping it reaches the provider or staff member, an electronic message is sent and we can check to see if that task is still being worked on or if it has been completed."

Rose Konter

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"We're providing enhanced quality of care at Jewett. SRS provides better organization of the patients' information, test results, and progress notes. There is an enhanced level of communication between departments and between 'teams' within our practice, such as P.T., O.T., MRI department, etc. This applies to both ordering tests and receiving test results."

Karen Walker, RN

Morton Medical Center


"SRS impacted our practice by creating an environment where: THERE IS NEVER A LOST CHART!"

Sheila Ford

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"This system has been awesome; it’s like having every patient’s chart at your fingertips. Everything you would possibly need on a patient is all in one location. No more looking for charts, which was very time-consuming. I think quality of care comes from the clinical side of the practice, as in how nurses interact with patients and the attention that is given to the patients while at our clinic. Our patients appreciate that they are waited on in a very timely manner and that we answer almost any question that they have in their first call."

Kathleen Rockwell

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"This system has been awesome; it’s like having every patient’s chart at your fingertips. Everything you would possibly need on a patient is all in one location. No more looking for charts, which was very time-consuming. I think quality of care comes from the clinical side of the practice, as in how nurses interact with patients and the attention that is given to the patients while at our clinic. Our patients appreciate that they are waited on in a very timely manner and that we answer almost any question that they have in their first call."

Dina Deitz

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"SRS enhances my treatment plan decisions and communication with the patients and the physicians. The patients feel confident that I am fully familiar with their case because I retrieve information to answer their questions during our treatment time. I pull up X-rays on the computer and review them side-by-side with the patient. I also pull up X-rays and surgical reports with the physician at my side to discuss questions I may have about the case."

Biff Barner

Boone Clinic / Medical Network Technologies


"SRS has made a paperless office a reality. The simplicity and flexibility of the product has made it a success from day one in our 38 doctor practice."

Diane Paradise

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"Clearly, having medical records available at the touch of a button rather than pulling (or worse, finding) a chart is more efficient. Now I oftentimes help patients immediately during their phone calls, rather than having to call them back. The Interoperability Dashboard provides quick and easy access to patient information, meds prescribed, treatment dates, etc. Tracking test orders, which had always been spotty, is accomplished more easily with SRS, as is follow-up with our patients after their tests are done. Continuity of care is enhanced because of quicker response time to requests for records from patients and other providers. Everything is documented more easily and quickly, especially by the clinical staff. With a facility as large as ours, it is very helpful to be able to see what has transpired with the patient in other departments/offices. SRS creates a less stressful work environment and we manage the practice with less staff."

JoAnn Zygmunt, R.T.

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates


"SRS messaging has helped our practice tremendously. Messages are never lost because we no longer have to write them on little message pads or scraps of paper, and they are communicated to appropriate staff members quickly. Our patients feel that we are more responsive and that they receive better service because we are able to answer their questions almost immediately. "

Christy Moss

Moss Resource Group


"I greatly appreciate SRS’s educational presentations – your style makes the complex training understandable, breaking it down into manageable and understandable chunks. Thank you so much!"

Susan Mitchell

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"We've definitely seen an increase in patient satisfaction. Patients are on the phone just minutes and they often have a resolution to their questions or issues. As a manager of our Convenient Care Center, I can track who has been in any patient's account for quality control. Since everything has a 'footprint' of who did what, I can now go to the team member that originally took care of an issue, without having to figure out who may have spoken to the patient. I can answer questions quickly and efficiently. I can fax therapy scripts right from the computer. I can 'alert' an account for information the staff needs to know but may not otherwise see with a paper chart. For this and so much more, SRS has made our lives easier!"

Cheris L. Craig, MBA FACMPE

Urology of Greater Atlanta


"We are using SRS Charge Passage with our billing system and we are LOVING it. We have decreased our time between seeing a patient and billing it by 50!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jea’n Oubre, LPN

Cardiovascular Institute of the South


"We have a large cardiology practice (approximately 40 providers, 550 users and 10 office locations). We purchased a point-and-click EMR, but in a very short amount of time we found it to be a tremendous challenge and our physicians could not treat the same volume of patients. The physicians had essentially become data entry clerks. In 2008 we replaced our point-and-click system with SRS EHR, which has been very successful in our practice and embraced and adopted by all providers and staff. We implemented SRS throughout our entire organization quickly and easily—it was a very smooth transition. With the new system, we have the full benefits of instant patient chart access, efficiency, and better patient care. Because of the smooth transition, our employees were much more receptive to the change and our physicians were receptive to viewing patient charts in a 100% digital format. Overall, the benefits of SRS EHR have proven to be:

  • Physicians do not have to change the manner in which they have practiced for years.
  • The organization does not lose revenue due to a decrease in patient visits.
  • Easy “buy-in” from providers and employees.
  • A more efficient practice that is more attentive to patient needs.
  • Higher quality patient care."

Kristie L. Martinez

Illinois Bone and Joint Institute

Lake Shore Orthopaedics

"We are successfully using SRSsoft. We had the unique opportunity to pilot the EHR for three months. At the end of the trial, the whole practice decided that we had to keep it—that is how impressed we were! SRS finds the trial strategy very successful since it provides practices with 'hands-on' experience with the EHR in a 'live' environment. I've worked with two other EMR systems and SRS is by far superior and is the most intuitive and user-friendly program that I’ve worked with. Most importantly, it has not slowed our doctors down; in fact, it has actually made them more efficient."

Kimberly Hopkinson

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Winter Park

"With SRS, I now have more time available to spend with patients, I am able to see more patients, and I leave work earlier or on time."

Bob Cunniff

Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida

Fort Myers

"SRS is an open platform, so if you can think it, we can build it. It’s kind of the Disney mentality. That’s what I like about it."

Kayo Elliott

Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida

Fort Myers

"SRS EHR allowed us to go paperless without sacrificing patient volume or changing how our physicians practiced medicine. Our cost savings will exceed more than $800,000 over the next 5 years, and the system paid for itself in one year."

Regina Nagel

Brielle Orthopedics


"SRS made meaningful use extremely easy and the process was genius. So grateful to be able to check reports daily to stay on top of the process. Entering information was quick and manageable! Thank you for making our practice make/receive easy money!"

Stephen A. Veals

Durango Orthopedic Associates


"Our SRS project leader and team were far superior to any other team that has helped us implement new technology in our practice. They converted our most senior physician to a power user on the first day. "

Teri Sherron

Doctors Care


"We chose SRS because of the speed and ease of use of the software. It has all the functionality of a traditional EMR, but is user-friendly and much easier to learn."

Darrell L. Schryver, DPA

Southern California Orthopedic Institute

Van Nuys

"Only the SRS EHR could meet the needs of every one of our 51 busy providers—none of the CCHIT-certified solutions could do this. "

Carla Hupert

Wilmington Surgical Associates


"One of the best features of the SRS EHR is its flexibility. Each of our providers uses the system differently, and it is able to meet everyone’s individual needs."

Penny Forbes

Sierra Regional Spine Institute


"We chose the SRS EHR because our physicians are not willing to change the way they have been successfully practicing for the last 15 years. We also value the ability to add modules and capabilities as we need them in the future."

Donna Fogleman

The Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics Center

A Division of Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists

“The ease of using the SRS EHR facilitates adoption by even the most initially resistant physicians. One of our physicians was adamant that he would never use it, but by the end of day 2, he said ‘I love it’.

Nick Benoit

Cardiovascular Institute of the South


"The SRS EHR system creates a 100% digital practice, with universal access to all patient information. It also increases quality of care and maximizes efficiency without hindering the way our physicians practice medicine, and it allows our staff to spend more time with their patients. This efficient flow of pertinent information, communication, and collaboration gives CIS the ability to provide world-class patient care...now and in the future."

Eva Thomas

Blue Ridge Orthopaedic Associates


"The SRS EHR was the perfect solution. The digital messaging function, which attaches the patient chart to the message, enables all of us to accomplish our jobs so much more efficiently and helps us provide better service to our patients."

Sheila Knable

Center for Joint Surgery & Sports Medicine


"We have diverted our medical records staff to valuable positions in other departments, and we have not had to add any staff to keep up with our growth in patient volume. Our physicians and staff are all happy with our user-friendly SRS solution."

Tiffani Mauro

Orthopaedic Specialists of North County

San Diego

“SRS offers an incredibly intuitive and efficient ICD-10 solution that our physicians and clinical staff were so relieved to see. Of all the EHR systems we looked at during our research-and-replace process, SRS was the only one that gave us the confidence to tackle the current and upcoming changes in the healthcare landscape. SRS will be a valuable, long-term partner for OSNC.”

David Konur

Chief Executive Officer

"Selecting SRS offers a solution that will allow our practice to optimize workflow and become more efficient and effective in providing world-class care to our patients. The SRS EHR exceeded our expectations for adoption, performance, and effect on productivity. We continue to be impressed by the highly professional SRS staff, from the expert implementation team through the consistently responsive support department."

Shannon Page

New England Dermatology & Laser Center


"SRS Tx has become a valuable tool in our office. The staff and management make every effort to address any concerns immediately after becoming aware of them. The turnaround time has been nothing short of amazing! SRS Tx has proven to be a true asset to our company!"

Bill Worzala

St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates


"We successfully attested for meaningful use with the SRS EHR. Because the SRS EHR was implemented so seamlessly and successfully practice-wide, we were able to begin our reporting period just 2 weeks after we went live. That says a lot about SRS as an EHR and as a company. The support they provided was tremendous, and pivotal to our success during this process. It was a true team effort! Thank you SRS for all of your help!" Read in AAOS Now how St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates achieved meaningful use with SRS.

Randy C. Shepard

Eye Health Services


"SRS’ history of working with large, high-volume ophthalmology groups has given the company a keen understanding of the way our specialty practices medicine, and it is clearly evident in their EHR. Our experience has made us savvy buyers, and we can clearly see the value that SRS delivers to ophthalmologists."

Teri Woodworth

Peninsula Eye Physicians

San Mateo

"SRS has revolutionized what we do. We are a huge proponent of SRS and would not trade it for anything."

Pam Benjamin

Barri Eye Care


"After dealing with support from our PM system for the past 20 years - let me just tell you SRS is heads above the rest. Not only do they help you they actually go out of their way to see if there is anything else they can do. This approach should be a standard for all support systems but unfortunately that is not how it is. The plus side for you is that what make us thankful for the decision that we chose SRS to begin with."

Cheris Craig

Urology of Greater Atlanta


"SRS is fabulous – I can’t imagine life without it. We chose SRS because it is an EHR. The physicians did not have to change the way they document patient visits, yet we have become completely digital."

Terri Wiederhoeft

Orthopaedic Associates of Wausau


“We are very happy with SRS. SRS really is one of the few companies that truly wants to see you succeed and will assist you with the process—and they don’t nickel and dime you every step of the way. SRS is the ONLY system we found that allows the orthopaedic physician to continue to run clinics as usual and to practice the way that is most productive. This is the only certified EHR that lets the physicians keep their dictated note, run their practice without making the software change their processes, is user friendly, and gets the job done. My staff says it is the most user-friendly system that we have worked with—most new staff are up and running on it with less than a day of training. The setup, installation, training, and go-live was the most efficient process I have done. As long as you have a staff member to work with SRS to get the setup done before you go-live, you can’t fail!”

Rhodora Silang

Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants

New York

“We have been successfully using the SRS EHR for 12 years and it’s impressive to see how much SRS has evolved. It remains the 'go-to' product for serving our needs as a modern medical practice. Even with the advanced functionality inherent in the product, SRS is still an easily customizable EHR that is quick and simple to learn. I have extensive experience training people on this system and it rarely takes more than half a day to learn the basics of SRS, and by the next day, the ins and outs of the software are mastered and easily put to use. The Interoperability Dashboard is uniquely customizable by each physician. Since our physicians are surgical specialists, both past surgeries and prescriptions are displayed on the Clinical Summary as soon as the patient is selected. The physicians save time by not having to rifle through the entire chart to get a complete picture of the patient’s history. Successfully ePrescribing with the SRS EHR has been a significant factor in eliminating workflow inefficiencies associated with prescription ordering and refills. Patients call our practice for refills and, with only the click of a button, the eRx is sent and a record is created within the SRS EHR. The need for further phone calls is eliminated and the entire process of ordering a refill is completed before hanging up from the phone call with the patient. Our busy New York City patients appreciate having to stop by the pharmacy only once on their way home and their complete prescription is ready, waiting for them to pick up.”

Gene Oakes

The Orthopedic Specialty Clinic


“We selected the SRS EHR because every SRS user I spoke with was elated with the solution. In my 20 years in medicine, I’ve never known of another company whose customers are so universally happy.”

Kathy Wells

Southern California Orthopedic Institute

Van Nuys

"With SRS, the doctor is able to focus on the patient, able to move them through quicker, and address their problem. They have everything they need at their fingertips. We have 51 providers and they absolutely love it. With SRS they’re allowed to be individuals."

Barbara Sack

Midwest Orthopaedics


“The success or failure of any EHR is often tied directly to the quality and speed of service and support. No company comes close to SRS in these categories. Productivity and efficiency come only from an effective implementation and high quality support.”

Christi Steele

Tennessee Urology Associates PLLC


"Very user friendly and customizable—makes a lot of sense to the physicians. ePrescribing has been a big help with its ease of functionality and of course the CPOE requirement for meaningful use. MU has been easier than anticipated for my staff and doctors, largely due to the ease of use of the system. Also, I appreciate the easy access I have had to the support and MU experts when I had a question… and I have had many."

Laura Smith

Granite Orthopaedics


"SRS kept our practice focused as we prepared to attest for meaningful use. They developed a list of Medicare-required items and helped us understand the data needed—and that which was not needed—for attestation. The SRS staff hosted webinars tailored to the individual, allowing for accurate data capture. Additionally, we stayed on top of our progress with SRS’ on-demand reporting, which provided color-coded metrics and total number and percentage thresholds. When our physicians attested, we were confident our data was up-to-date and correct."

Sean Ging

Cardiac Vascular and Thoracic Surgery Associates

Falls Church

“SRS Tx enables physicians to efficiently stay on top of increasingly complex workflows with increasing documentation requirements. SRS Tx has taken our practice from having physicians with several hundred outstanding dictations to the same physicians routinely having tens. The revenue cycle has lost 1+ days on the front end and dictation staff labor has reduced significantly. A terrible 14 step electronic signature process was replaced with a two-step batch sign. The leadership and staff at SRS Tx are truly second to none. They are congenial, helpful, and fast, which is difficult to achieve. The entire start up process was easy and transparent, the application easy to use and integration with SRS was tight. I would fully recommend the product to any SRS practice.”

Linda Knowles

Congress Medical Associates


“As with everything new, there is a learning curve, but this was soon forgotten when the work process was shortened to one day- exam-dictation- review- sign off - faxing - chart! Happy staff!!!!”