SRS Cloud™ EHR

Secure, Affordable, and Always Up To Date.



SRS Cloud™ —powered by Citrix —offers a full-featured EHR solution without the cost of on-site hardware and IT support. Highly secure, continuously available from any location and automatically upgraded, SRS Cloud includes unlimited support and is fully managed by SRS.

With SRS Cloud, you’ll never have to deal with software updates again. All enhancements and modifications are made directly to the hosted environment and are available upon the next login.

SRS provides unparalleled support, assuring an easy implementation with online training at your convenience.

Financial Benefits of SRS Cloud EHR:


  • Significantly reduced up-front and on-going financial investment
    • Fewer/limited hardware purchases
    • No maintenance fee on local server hardware
  • Lower IT costs and requirements
    • EHR performance monitored centrally by SRS
    • Support included in monthly subscription
    • No need for dedicated IT person on staff
  • Offsite server location reduces physical space requirements
  • Fewer energy and electrical requirements
  • No extra electrical usage
  • No extra cooling required




  • SRS Cloud EHR operates in an N+1 datacenter
    • All critical points of failure accounted for
    • Business continuity and high availability is assured
    • 99.99% uptime




  • Access from anywhere
    • Home, office, hospital, or satellite facility
    • Access from iPad from anywhere
    • 24/7/365 availability




  • Proactive and diligent monitoring of all systems by SRS
    • High availability to your practice
    • Eliminates technology headaches
  • Continuous, automated, remote data backup
    • Data stored in the data-center and archived
    • No worry about fires, floods, power outages, or other disasters