SRS Integrated PACS

How does the SRS Integrated PACS solution, designed specifically for orthopaedics, allow practices to streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver higher-quality patient care?

Makes orthopaedic surgeons more efficient

  • PACS is fully integrated with the SRS EHR system
  • Access PACS directly from within the SRS patient chart via SRS Unified Desktop
  • Native templates were built from the ground up for orthopaedic workflow

Offers significant opportunity for cost savings

  • No more expenditures for film, chemicals, jackets, and labels, for picture archiving
  • No more staff time wasted on filing and retrieval
  • No office space required for film storage

Simplifies disaster recovery

  • PACS features automated remote back-up in real time
  • 24/7 monitoring and 3 year 4-hour on-site support for PACS server hardware

Provides access from anywhere, anytime

  • SRS PACS To Go allows physicians to select and sync PACS images (including templating tools) for off-line access and templating on any PC
  • PACS is browser and device independent – downloadable browser allows for access on PC, MAC, smartphone, iPad, etc.