Integrated with SRS EHR, our transcription solution in partnership with Global Medical Transcription (GMT) reduces costs, increases productivity, and enhances physician documentation within a single user-friendly interface.


Reduce costs and increase productivity

  • Efficient and accurate clinical documentation
  • Less time spent reviewing documents and correcting errors
  • Automatic routing into patient chart
  • Tx smartphone or iPad app for dictation on the go

Enhance physician satisfaction

  • Physician-friendly approach to clinical documentation
  • Significant cost reduction while maintaining quality documentation
  • Physician’s natural workflow supported by a combination of voice transcription and advanced template technology

Unique features save money and improve efficiency

  • Eliminated need for physicians to dictate redundant paragraphs and blocks of text
  • Macros used to optimize dictation workflow by automating user-defined standard texts
  • Significant productivity gains and freed up physician time
  • Reduced transcription costs for your practice

Learn more today about our contract-free trial and experience first-hand how our Tx solution reduces costs while increasing productivity. Clinical documentation has never been this easy.