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Integration is a necessary part of keeping a high-performance specialty practice operating at maximum efficiency—especially as the industry shifts to value-based care.


There are myriad reasons and benefits to connectivity, including compliance, operational efficiency, data-informed decision making, improved outcomes, and more. In fact, some states now require practices accepting Medicaid to submit data through their HIEs. It makes sense that others won’t be far behind.


If you are not already connected to your state’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) and important industry Registries—you should be. HIEs and Registries provide access, exchange, and analysis of patient health information, allowing you to:

  • Eliminate manual submissions
  • Increase Interoperability
  • Meet government regulations
  • Improve outcomes by comparing regional and national physician and specialty benchmarks
  • Drive better care, patient satisfaction, referrals and profitability

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Automatic Data Exchange

In addition, tightly integrated HCIT solutions automatically exchange important patient data, which aligns disparate systems to work as one and eliminates inefficiencies such as double data entry—improving operational efficiencies and lowering costs.

This data exchange takes place automatically, which:

  • Lowers Costs by tackling time-consuming tasks that normally require many staff hours
  • Improves Quality by eliminating the possibility of human error
  • Enhances Data and Analytics by centralizing the collection of data and the translation of it into a common language
  • Increases Patient Volume by eliminating manual and dual data entry
  • Populates Information on Demand for easy access

…all while improving physicians’ ability to deliver the highest quality of patient care throughout the continuum.

The SRS Integration Engine

Using our unique and powerful integration engine, the SRS team of highly skilled Integration Specialists facilitates the seamless, real-time communication of information between external sources and the SRS EHR. Robust EHR integration frees clients from the burdens of manually entering demographic data, filing patient records, routing test results, and handling transcriptions.

Save Time and Money

SRS EHR Integration Specialists thoroughly review the specifications of each vendor’s data export. They then build the EHR interface to conform to industry-standard HL7 specifications, ensuring seamless integration of the SRS EHR and the other applications. Once the EHR integration is complete, SRS constantly monitors the integration engine and ensures the interface runs at peak efficiency 24/7/365.

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