Introducing the 1st Integrated Orthopaedic Outcomes Platform



SRS Health and leading outcomes provider OBERD have joined forces to deliver outcomes data-capture capabilities and a Flexible Data Platform that enable orthopaedists to take their patient-centric care to new levels.

In addition to the ability to collect outcomes during the patient encounter, surgical specialty practices can automate outreach, and view individual and nationwide benchmarks and reporting in a tightly integrated system. This scalable and customizable solution ensures outcomes success and practice growth in the new value-based paradigm.

With SRS, you can collect data to identify optimal treatment decisions for specific populations, analyze your own data, and benchmark across nationally collected data to identify protocols that will improve outcomes. By proactively adjusting your care, you will ultimately reduce complications and costs while improving patient satisfaction and care effectiveness, leading to improved reputation and increased patient volume.

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Benefits to your Practice

  • Facilitated evidence-based decision-making
  • Improved patient experience, care, and satisfaction
  • Increased patient volume, profitability, and growth
  • Higher reimbursement potential
  • Proven outcomes that position practices as leaders in their field and as preferred strategic care partners for insurance providers and referrers

How We Accomplish This

Automated Outcomes Surveys

Individual, Practice-Wide, and National Benchmarking

Seamless SRS Solutions Suite Integration

Access Trending Data During Encounter

Patient Education

Patient Satisfaction

Value-based Payment Success

Now Is the Time for Change

Now is the time to leverage technologies and systems that support better health for patients, improved workflows and decision support, more effective business intelligence, and streamlined compliance with government and insurance regulations—in other words, optimal outcomes.

The result: increased patient volume, improved reimbursements, and a better reputation for your physicians and your practice.

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