EHR for Orthopaedics

What makes SRS the definitive leader in orthopaedics?

  • SRS has a deep understanding of the unique, complex workflow in orthopaedics, along with the value of productivity and speed. This is drawn from years of working closely with our national network of orthopaedists. That’s why our EHRincorporates other applications and web-based systems right at your desktop, tablet, or smart device—because technology should always enhance specialized patient care.
  • The SRS Unified Desktop™ delivers all clinical and business applications through one seamless user interface. The Unified Desktop—SRS EHR, PM, and integrated PACS—provides direct access from within the patient’s chart, enhancing efficiency and productivity, and creating a smoother, easier, and less stressful working environment.
  • A state-of-the-art, cloud-based data platform enables the seamless sharing of clinical data. Capture and report on data with ease, exchange information with other providers, and satisfy the requirements of the government and other payers—all while increasing efficiency and productivity, and maybe even your free time.
  • SRS EHR makes ICD-10 easy for orthopaedists, with an intuitive ICD-10 solution—no bloated templates, no heavy pointing and clicking, and no fuss.
  • SRS EHR expertly prepares orthopaedists for participation in current and future initiatives, such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), subsequent stages of meaningful use, and quality reporting for PQRS and other government programs.
  • SRS FlexNote capabilities automate a large portion of orthopaedic exam-note creation and requires only a minimal effort to complete the documentation process with essential details and the nuances for each patient. Using FlexNote, you spend less time taking notes, and more time focused on developing a successful relationship with your patients.
  • SRS also offers numerous orthopaedic-based transcription options that enhance workflow and increase efficiency. Templates and macros eliminate the need to dictate redundant paragraphs or blocks of text. The result is a significant gain in physician productivity and reduced transcription costs for orthopaedic practices.
  • Our implementation specialists are unrivaled in their knowledge of the EHR industry in general, and the requirements for EHR success, specifically in orthopaedics. Your practice will be fully implemented without any loss of patient volume from day one. No other solution delivers this assurance of orthopaedic expertise, productivity, and profitability.
Orthopaedic EHR - iPad
ehr_for_orthopaedics_fullOrthopaedic PACS - SRS PACS


SRS is the definitive leader in productivity-enhancing EHR and healthcare technology and services for orthopaedics. It’s the right choice for you, and your practice, now and in the future. Orthopaedic specialists deserve The Specialist’s EHR ™.



Value-based Payments Are Coming for Orthopedics: Are You Ready?

The buzzword of the day is “Value-Based Payment”, and everyone is talking about the transition from volume to value. Recently, Becker’s—the leading source of cutting-edge business and legal information for healthcare industry leaders—interviewed SRS’ Lynn Scheps, Vice President, Government Affairs, and Lester Parada, Senior Implementation Manager, as part of an article exploring this very important subject. The article discusses what “value-based” means, how the recently proposed regulations supporting the implementation of the MACRA legislation will impact orthopaedists, and how EHRs must evolve to facilitate practice success in the future.