Ease of Use

Ease of Use

At its core, the SRS EHR is intuitive and designed to deliver powerful functionality in a format that is easy for physicians and staff to learn and use. It is physician-friendly, staff-friendly, and mistake-forgiving.


With SRS, physicians are not required to perform template-driven data entry. Instead, they are free to practice medicine and document encounters in the same manner they have always used. After less than 20 minutes of training, most physicians are competent at navigating the core system to get the information they need.

  • Workflow Intuitive, ergonomic design makes navigating the system quick and easy, placing no cognitive burden on the physician. Flexibility at the point of care makes fulfillment of government requirements easier on the physician. The patient’s chart accompanies all patient messages, so no additional clicks are required for fast and efficient follow up. Learn more.
  • SRS FlexNote Our customizable exam note solution allows physicians to document the way they always have for easy adoption. Learn more.
  • Implementation SRS requires a minimal learning curve, and physicians do not have to cut back on patient volume during the implementation process. Physicians experience a smooth transition and maintain or increase their volume from day one. Learn more.
  • ePrescribing A customizable “Favorites” list and one-click routing to the pharmacy makes ePrescribing fast and hassle-free. SRS also offers a certified Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) solution. Learn more.
  • Meaningful Use and ICD-10 SRS supports physicians in meeting government requirements, with a productivity-focused approach to meaningful use and an intuitive, streamlined code search solution. Learn more.

Other Healthcare Professionals:

SRS supports total practice efficiency, with flexible workflows that mirror those already used by physicians and enhance those of the staff. An SRS implementation and training team personally ensures that all practice staff members are successful in adopting our easy-to-use software. Feedback from clients verifies that the quality of the training combined with the user-friendly design makes adoption of the SRS EHR quick and seamless.

  • Process Improvement SRS is built with increasing the productivity of both physicians and staff in mind. Our workflow solutions ensure minimal clicking for any task, enabling increased efficiency, practice-wide satisfaction, and a seamless patient experience. Learn more.
  • Training and Implementation SRS expertly guides practices through the implementation process for a smooth transition and seamless adoption. Physicians are not required to cut back on patient volume, so no revenue is lost and productivity is maintained from day one. Learn more.
  • Meaningful Use and ICD-10 SRS’ government affairs department is dedicated to interpreting the meaningful use requirements for you so you can attest with ease, and our robust code search solution is intuitive, providing both speed and accuracy. Learn more.
  • SRS FlexNote Our customizable exam note solution allows physicians to document the way they always have for easy practice-wide adoption. Learn more.
  • Customer Support Our 100% U.S.-based tech support staff provides immediate and attentive assistance. The same person handles a request from start to finish, so support requests are headache-free and resolved quickly. Learn more