You’re Not Just Seeing Double…
You’re Seeing Double, Triple, and Quadruple!

Have Your Own Point of View

Locating patient documentation is one thing, but being able to open it quickly, and to compare multiple documents simultaneously, is more of a challenge. It usually means having to open and switch back and forth between multiple tabs, adding unnecessary clicks and precious minutes to the process of making a comparison. But now the point of view is up to you.


Multiviewer Is Multipurpose

Multiviewer lets physicians and other clinicians compare two, three, or even four documents at once—whether it’s digital imaging, test results, exam notes, or any other components of the patient chart—improving the clinical experience for both the physician and the patient. It also allows users to dictate their current note while viewing relevant clinical information in different viewers.

Comparisons Made Easy

In addition to document support, Multiviewer allows you to compare reports and images with your customized dashboard, providing a wealth of information relevant to you on one screen. Imagine the benefits of viewing detailed information such as the patient’s history while also having an overview of activities such as orders/results, visits, and appointments. All at the same time. Multiviewer saves on multiclicks.



  • Compare up to four documents at once
  • Support for viewing multiple document types
  • Dictation support
  • Saves time
  • Saves clicks