At SRS, we believe one of the keys to quality patient care is allowing physicians to practice the art of medicine in the most comfortable, natural fashion. SRS makes this possible by providing the most flexibility at the point of care, with an easy-to-use, high-speed EHR solution that complements the patient encounter. Our solutions remain in the background, supporting the physician and ensuring secure and accurate data capture and reporting, so the physician’s focus stays on the patient.


SRS allows you to practice medicine in your own style.

asThe Exam Preparation

The SRS desktop features tabs that can be customized by each user for a streamlined screen and easy viewing of patient information. Learn more.

asThe Chart Note

The SRS FlexNote exam-documentation solution is fully customizable to match each physician’s individual workflow, unique voice, and personal style. Learn more.

asThe Rx

ePrescribing allows each physician to create a customized list of medications, including a favorites list for those most frequently prescribed. SRS also offers a certified Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) solution. Learn more.

asThe Diagnosis

SRS offers each physician the ability to search diagnoses codes by entering an intuitive acronym—whatever makes the most sense. Learn more.

asThe Follow-Up

SRS Messaging allows each physician to sort by workload priority, subject, sender, or time for a streamlined workflow. Physicians can log in from anywhere with an Internet connection to manage patient-related messages. Learn more.

Other Healthcare Professionals:

SRS’ flexibility at the user level ensures practice-wide adoption—this means increased productivity, maximized revenue, accurate and secure interoperability, and enhanced patient care. Our EHR can be customized to meet the needs of your entire organization:

asClinical Staff

SRS is built to support the workflow needs of the individual physicians in your practice, ensuring complete physician satisfaction. Because each physician can continue to document as he or she chooses, patient volume is maintained, or in many cases increased—even during implementation—and no revenue is lost. Learn more.

asPractice Staff

Forms can be customized for each physician within a practice, and packets for various types of patient visits can be created. The result is a smooth check-in process where the focus remains on the patients, not the paper. Learn more.


The desktop can be customized so each user sees only the tabs that are relevant, allowing for a streamlined screen, administrative security, and practice-wide satisfaction. Learn more.