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Intelligent Data Solutions

Don’t be overwhelmed by unnecessary data—capture only the data you need, in whatever way makes the most sense for you and your practice.

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Simplified Data Capture

Specialists need a way to capture and share relevant data without disrupting the quality of the care they deliver to their patients. That’s why we’ve taken the complexity out of the process and streamlined it— the SRS EHR Smart Workflows™ technology provides a frictionless clinical experience and a level of care that were previously not possible.

No data overloadYou decide which data points to collect to improve patient care and demonstrate the value of your services for today and tomorrow.

No templates Data collection is broken into discrete units and assigned to whatever stage of the patient encounter makes sense for your practice—the patient portal, the check-in interview, or the clinical session itself.

No friction Integrating data capture throughout the entire encounter means that data is collected naturally, without staff or providers being slowed down or diverted from their normal workflow. You determine when, where, how, and by whom data is captured.

Seamless Data Sharing

The true value of data in healthcare lies in its ability to efficiently communicate relevant information to all the clinicians in the continuum of care, with the goal of improving the patient’s health. The result is a better outcome for both the patient and the practice.

Interoperability Data exchange is no longer a luxury; even traditionally closed systems are now opening up. When systems speak a common language, practices can seamlessly exchange patient data with referring providers, hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare entities.

Application Programming Interfaces Our vendor-agnostic APIs allow new and existing partners to tightly integrate their products into our HCIT platform/ecosystem; users can also create their own custom solutions to extend the product.

Informed Decision Making

Practices need data to prove compliance with governmental programs, as well as to demonstrate the value of their services. In the right hands, though, data isn’t just inert/static information–it’s an essential tool for improving patient care and practice efficiency.

Compliance Complying with a complex web of ever-changing governmental regulations requires a data collection system that can adapt quickly to new demands. The SRS Flexible Data Platform provides you with the ability to capture an unlimited number of discrete data points, and to easily expand or shift those data points as required. The Flexible Data Platform effectively future-proofs your data-capture needs.

Our Government Affairs team is industry renowned for their understanding of compliance and how its complicated rules and data requirements affect the specialists and practices we serve. As a result, our fully certified EHR has compliance baked in. This expertise has helped our providers earn over $100M in incentives through 2015.

Demonstration The move to value-based care requires practices not just to report, but to demonstrate the value of their services by analyzing information and transforming it into actionable plans to lower costs, and engage patients in sharing PROs.

Adaptability Data can be collected for use in research, registries such as IRIS, or any other needs you may encounter, such as those related to population health.

Analysis Ultimately, the real goal of data collection is to improve individual patient care, and analyzing how optimal outcomes were achieved allows you to replicate those results across your organization. More importantly, collecting the right data allows you to compare outcomes with those of other specialists with similar cases, thereby enhancing even your best treatment protocols.

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