EHR for Dermatology


What makes SRS the EHR of choice in dermatology?


    • SRS understands dermatologic workflow and appreciates the value of productivity in dermatology. The SRS EHR allows physicians to document exams in the way they deem most efficient. No rigid templates and no onerous clicking are required. The SRS EHR incorporates other applications and web-based systems right at your desktop, ta blet, or smart device.

Dermatology EHR – Interoperability Dashboard

    • SRS satisfies all subspecialties within a group practice because it accommodates multiple ways of documenting exams. SRS is flexible and easy to use, ensuring practice-wide adoption. An unlimited number of customizable tabs—with administrator-controlled user access—allows users to have access to Mohs surgery, general dermatology, pathology, aesthetics, and/or any other subspecialty that suits their preferences. With controlled access, each user sees only relevant tabs, allowing for a streamlined, uncluttered screen.
    • SRS delivers seamless integration. Photos are added directly into patient charts within the SRS EHR. Physicians and clinical staff can easily mark and monitor growth. The SRS EHR integrates seamlessly with pathology software and labs, closing the loop on enhanced patient care.
    • The SRS EHR makes ICD-10 easy for dermatologists, with an intuitive ICD-10 solution—no bloated templates, no heavy pointing and clicking, and no fuss.
    • The SRS Unified Desktop™ delivers all clinical and business applications through one user interface. The Unified Desktop offers substantial benefits to dermatologists, providing direct access from within the patient’s chart, enhancing efficiency and productivity, and creating a smoother, less stressful environment.

Dermatology EHR – ePrescribing

  • SRS ePrescribing is quick, easy, and efficient. Physicians and clinical staff can easily enter customized compound scripts and add specific pharmacies and compound centers on the fly. No manual data entry, no waiting for an upgrade to see if a pharmacy has been included. Refills are done in as little as 2 clicks.
  • State-of-the-art, cloud-based data platform enables the seamless sharing of clinical data. Capture and report on data with ease, exchange information with other providers, and satisfy the requirements of the government and other payers—all while increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • The SRS FlexNote solution automates a large portion of exam-note creation and requires only a minimal effort to complete the rest of the documentation process. Using FlexNote, dermatologists spend less time on exam-note documentation and more time focused on patients or other activities of their choice.
  • SRS garners best practices from our national network of high-performance specialists. Our implementation team is unrivaled in their knowledge of the EHR industry and the requirements for EHR success in high-performance specialty practices. The SRS EHR is fully implemented without any loss of patient volume from day one. No other solution delivers this assurance of expertise, productivity, and profitability.

SRS is the definitive leader in productivity-enhancing EHR technology and services for dermatology. And the right choice for your practice.