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A specialist needs a specialist’s EHR, not generic technology that interferes with specialized patient care.



Web-based SRS PM revolutionizes billing and collections more effectively than any other PM system.



SRS Patient Portal enhances office workflow and decreases costs by leveraging the power of patient self-service.



SRS Transcription reduces costs, increases productivity, and enhances physician documentation within a single user-friendly interface.

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Features & Tools:

Smart Workflows™

This revolutionary, patent-pending feature allows you to create role-based workflows and protocols that improve efficiency, simplify data capture, and facilitate regulatory compliance.
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SRS Flexnote

SRS FlexNote is a robust and flexible exam note solution, allowing physicians to document patient encounters easily, confidently, and in a way that feels natural.
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Data Interoperability

Leveraging a solution with an open, efficient, productivity-enhancing data exchange platform is essential to the growth and sustainability of medical practices.
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Clinician-Friendly Code Search

The SRS code search engine leverages powerful IMO technology to deliver clinician-friendly search functionality without the use of complex templates and excessive clicks.
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Multiviewer lets physicians and other clinicians compare two, three, or four documents at once—digital imaging, results, notes, and other components of the patient chart—improving the clinical experience for the physician and ultimately the patient.
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Unified Desktop™

Direct access from within the patient’s chart eliminates time-consuming toggling back and forth between applications, and significantly increases physician productivity and efficiency.
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At SRS, we believe one of the keys to quality patient care is allowing physicians to practice the art of medicine in the most comfortable, natural fashion. SRS makes this possible by providing the most flexibility at the point of care.
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EHR Speed

At SRS, we define speed in terms of the number of clicks to access patient information, the milliseconds it takes to move from screen to screen, and the number of clicks it takes to document a patient encounter.
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Ease of Use

At its core, the SRS EHR is intuitive and designed to deliver powerful functionality in a format that is easy for physicians and staff to learn and use. It is physician-friendly, staff-friendly, and mistake-forgiving.
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Productivity Calculator

Multiply all of those clicks and your productivity is bound to suffer. What if you could get all of this done (and more) in less time and fewer clicks? What would it mean to your revenue?
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The Specialist’s EHR™

A specialist needs a specialist’s EHR, not generic technology that interferes with specialized patient care. Whether you’re an orthopaedist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, or other specialist, SRS understands your needs and those of your practice.

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MACRA/MIPS Simplified

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Replace Your EHR

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By delivering on our promises and working with our clients to create solutions that help them utilize technology to realize their goals, we’ve earned the trust of a national network of happy clients who have made us their HCIT partner. We’d like to earn your trust, too.

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"The success or failure of any EHR is often tied directly to the quality and speed of service and support. No company comes close to SRS in these categories."

Barbara Sack

Midwest Orthopaedics, P.A.,
Shawnee Mission, KS

"Our experience with SRS and Meaningful Use has been flawless since 2012. From their sophisticated yet user-friendly software to their outstanding Gov't Affairs department, their products and employees are exemplary. This is the best vendor I have dealt with during my 27 years in healthcare."

Debbie Darby, MBA

Bone and Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge,
Baton Rouge, LA

"SRS has revolutionized what we do. We are a huge proponent of SRS and would not trade it for anything."

Teri Woodworth

Peninsula Eye Physicians,
San Mateo, CA